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Slovan started a difficult trip after the opponents' skis: There was a change in the game

Patrik Lamper in front of goalkeeper Marek Čiliak
Patrik Lamper in front of goalkeeper Marek Čiliak

BRATISLAVA – A total of 26 players, including three goalkeepers, will have the coach of Slovan Bratislava Vladimir Országh during the four matches of his opponents in Russia. "Belasi" will be present at Kazan on Tuesday, November 13th, in Kazan, against the winner of the Gagarin Cup, two days later in Nižnekamsk, two more days in Nizhny Novgorod and an exit to Russia on Monday, November 19th in Moscow, a duel against of the local CSKA.

Aggressive Patrik Lamper did not go to the team but underwent a small surgery during a pause intended for the needs of the national team. Instead, Dávid Buc returned from Banska Bystrica.

HC Slovan Bratislava during the current exit (source:

Marek Tsiljak, Yakub Stepanek, Michael Shawny, Éric Gélinas, Ivan Svarni, Patrik Bačík, Michael Sersen, Adam Janesik, Luke Clark, Thomas Hederes, Marios Gran, Andrey Mescarus – Casey Bailey, Rudolf Cserden, Dávid Buc, Jeff Taffe, Jaglitz, Abn Liska, Chad Rau, Kale Tsipoura, Marek Sloboda, Jorge Baronov, Thomas Hranka

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