Saturday , July 24 2021

PHOTO Customers defend themselves against unusual thieves: Stealing directly from a wheelchair in the parking lot!

A man (37) in a store wanted to eat a chicken before coming to the cash register: For almost six euros he was killed … karma!

One of the robbers is Matt Lewallen, who was planning to buy a car when the crows flew at him and took a package from his basket. “I took only ten steps outside when two crows came, grabbed one of the packages, tore it and flew with it.” said Lewallen. According to him, the stolen piece of meat was measured about ten times 18 cm, which is a decent place for a crow.

“They definitely knew what they were doing. It wasn’t the first time. They ate well, so I think they created their own system.” Lewallen said. As soon as he returned home, he found that one of the crows had dug into another side piece, but had not taken it. “I started cutting them and marinating them, but my wife told me it was disgusting that we had to return the meat. he added, saying they received full compensation from the store.

PHOTO customers are defending themselves

Source: SITA / Loren Holmes / Anchorage Daily News via AP

Meanwhile, other similar cases of theft in broad daylight have appeared on social networks. “My parents cleared the market and lost a house lighter steak!” Kimberly Waller wrote on Facebook. “He stole this bird from their pack right in the parking lot” she added.

Did anyone else have an “experience” with crows at Dimond Costco? My parents thought about their business after a store and

Published by Kimberly Y. Waller Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Tamara Joyey described how crows cooperate in theft. “Two of them flew in. One remained near my basket, jumped into the cars and kept shouting loudly. And the other was on the ground, still trying to pull out a net of tiny melon-like Mexican cucumbers.” he said. They both continued to circle her, even when she tried to lead them. “They were waiting for an opportunity to steal something from me, they were very determined.” she added.

According to Rick Sinnott, a former biologist at the Department of Fish and Toys, hundreds of large crows fly to Anchorage in the winter for food. In the spring, most of them will fly away. During the winter, they eat all kinds of meat, fruits and vegetables.

“For decades, they have been watching people in the parking lots of all food,” said Sinnott. “They know what a piece of fruit looks like in a shopping cart because they have already seen it lying on the ground or in a trash can.” was added.

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