Monday , March 1 2021

PC Revue | You can watch movies for free on YouTube. But he has a hook

At the end of October, YouTube added movies for free tracking, although reports of this feature began appearing only last week. However, pop-up advertisers windows will appear at regular intervals. While Google refuses to say how often you see your ads while watching a movie, some messages report about 10 or more ads.

Free movies come from Google's good relationships with Hollywood's great movie theaters. Do not expect to see successes, but you'll find more attractive titles. There is Terminator I or Rocky I through V, of course, without dubbing or subtitles. The full list of movies is at this address.

Rohit Dhawan, Product Manager at YouTube, said that "Free user-friendly movies are a good opportunity for both users and advertisers who can have their ads on high-quality videos."

This feature can not yet compete with the streaming services supported by advertising, Hulu, but in the future it will be necessary to extend the choice of films free of charge. However, the service is only for US users, so you can watch movies only if you connect to a US IP address.


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