Saturday , January 23 2021

Mayor of Nitra programmer: I do not know how to rob the state

The incredible has become a reality! In Nitro, the long-term promontory of Smerus, Mayor Jozef Dvonč (64), who was undefeated for three years, received a report on the alliance.

The activist, programmer and organizer of the protests for Alternate Slovakia Marek Hattas (31) defeated him from the chairs of the first man.

What is the feeling of winning the election of the mayor's chair in Nitra and the victory of Dvonča?

– It is unbelievable what happened. After six months of work, it is a huge victory for all of Nitra. I thank all my staff, which brought together more than 180 volunteers, of course, the voters, and finally the wife I admire that did not last for these six months, but it was my support as well. I am very excited, I take with enormous humility, it is a great challenge and in the morning we start to work.

What will happen next? The first plans you are going to implement now?

– I want people to feel safe to make the city transparent to return to politicians, even across the country. The first steps will be to understand the position of Chief Architect, which has not been occupied for years, an in-depth control of all conventions and the gradual integration of our solutions that we had in the program above.

So there is work. We thank Mr Dvon for what he has done for this city, but young people must take care of security and the future. Yes, we will confuse and forgive us, but we will do what we know, with the experts, with transparency, and we want to move further into this city.

Hate on Saturday Open the gallery

Did not you fear that you, a person of a third person, are following a policy with which you have no experience?

– I say, I do not have the experience of robbing this state; on the contrary, I have experience in building this country and creating works that serve people. The main problem in the city is communication. There was no communication here and the man in town was still countless. I consider myself a realist looking for solutions and surrounded by experts. And so I want to make politics and.

The bitch sent the esemesku

Unlike Mark Hattas's celebratory celebration, it looked like a meat in Dvonča. Still, the city mayor moved nervously with the cell phone among the visitors who stayed, trying to smile. Once it was clear that the interim results were extensive, they were in front of the journalists.

He had taken his fight with dignity, but it was disappointing to see him. He thanked everyone for his cooperation and congratulated the winner. He sent him congratulations, which was confirmed by Hatas. "I thought I would give it one more time, but that's how people decided," said Dvonč. In his words, he will give a little rest now. The paradox is that he will not even sit in the city council.

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