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His family begged for his privacy, surprised by their belt: What do experts think about Harry’s behavior? Is he writing a book under the influence of Meghan?

Prince Harry shocked the family and the royal experts by working on a book about his life. Will he just show the truth to himself and Meghan again?

His book is a bit of a belt

Harry and Megan started a war in the royal family that seemed to never end. Most recently, he surprised by writing a book about his life that no one in the family even knew.

His closest family members have repeatedly asked him not to talk about it, he begged for his privacy, but Harry’s behavior is unpredictable and according to royal experts, he and Megan are doing the exact opposite of what they agreed to. the queen.


Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton, London, 2018

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Not as a prince, but as a man

It’s hard to guess what’s going on with Harry right now. The book in which he decided to share the situations of his life will not be from the point of view of the prince with whom he was born, but from the man who became him. Only revealed that readers will find everything in it – his successes and failures, his mistakes, because he was always attracted to military service, to leave the family. He believes he will present his human story, which can inspire many.

Let’s say his intention may be nice, but for now it’s too much for the content of the book. No one in the family knew Harry was able to do anything. He was repeatedly asked for his privacy and instead of respecting them, he wrote a book. The conflict, which began in March, has damaged family ties to such an extent that it would take a long time to restore ties. Everyone was waiting for reconciliation in the past, so it probably would not be enough.

According to sources, Karolos was very surprised and no one in the family was warned in advance, everyone only learned the news now, along with the whole world.

Offended and stubborn to forgive Harry? Instead, Prince Charles should be shy and sensitive, says expert

They did not keep their word

According to experts, Harry and Megan violate everything they agreed before leaving. They wanted to leave Britain, they left their royal duties, they wanted more privacy. Instead, they are essentially living their previous lives and constantly benefiting from the royal family’s accusations.

And the secret? Experts believe that for Harry, communication with the media is like a cure. “He has an amazing ability to make headlines,” they write.


Prince Harry had to relinquish his honorary titles and military ranks, which he handed over to the Queen

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The announcement of the memoirs has been criticized, although it is certain in advance that the book will be successful in the market. “I think everyone is tired of being angry,” says one of the royal family’s experts.

A Harry Potter book written by Megan?

Another believes that Harry wrote the book under the influence of Meghan Markle. Experts have repeatedly said that the prince is under his control, which, of course, we can only take as speculation. It is no different now.

However, he was impressed by the fact that Harry claims that the book will also address his mistakes and mistakes and is glad that he can tell people the truth about his life. Thus, experts ask whether it will really be the real truth or again only his own. They point out that already in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, some of his statements did not fit – for example, about finances, so it is difficult to estimate what he will bring to the book.

Is Harry under the influence of Megan, who also does not want to be reconciled with her family? Experts also explain …

Royal sources said they thought of the prince “He was never the one who voluntarily admitted any mistakes and spent the last three years blaming everyone but himself and his wife for the catastrophic collapse of relations with his family.”

Many people are tired of this conflict, I already understand Harry’s behavior as if he is crying and I do not understand why he keeps repeating the same song all the time.

The publisher, on the other hand, appreciates the deal with Harry. According to him, the prince has a great life experience, so it would be a shame if he did not share it. “We are excited to be able to publish an honest and moving story,” he says.


Prince Harry and Megan Markle in an interview with Oprah WInfrey

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History repeats itself

Harry is not the first to write a book since leaving home. A similar story has happened in the past, when former King Edward VIII, with whom Harry had previously been compared, had separated from his family.

His book was published in the 1950s, it was also a memoir, it also caused a scandal in the media and at that time it made sense.

But if Harry touches on the old accusations and mistakes again, he will not make further revelations, he will cause great chaos to the royal family. “If Harry inevitably seems to deal in detail with his wife’s mental health issues and the alleged racism in the heart of the royal family, it will be extremely damaging to Windsor and the monarchy.”

“Harry is already extremely rich and famous, so in addition to hurting his family – what book like this will no doubt do, I’m not sure what he’s trying to achieve. What he says will lead to conflict.” another commented.

“There is no doubt that there is a conflict and problems with his father between the royal brothers. How can bridges be built when it does? ”

The book will not be published until 2022 and until then, according to experts, we can only expect two scenarios – either by then, Harry and Megan will resolve the conflict with the family, or they will have a good effect on other family members in the form of a book.

In their opinion, Harry has a very special character, he still feels guilty about the death of Diana’s mother, and he may not even notice that he is harming the monarchy and is only trying to fight his own demons.

Are they looking for the grace of the queen? It will not happen to anyone what Meghan and Harry did after all this …

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