He has killed over 2 million people and continues his free medical service!


Maybe it seems to you that this world is going to ruin and people get worse. However, even today there are people that people often do not know and still do great things. However, much less are said about them. And this is the case that we are bringing you now. The story of the hero of today.

During the 44-year-old Ramana Rao has been cured, respectively. still faces more than two million people and never charge for his services. Paco leads the largest free clinic in the world. He opened his healing center once he got his doctorate in 1973.

Initially, it was only a few patients a day. Now, sometimes, there are 2,000 people. Everything happens near Bangalore in India.

Rao provides everything from injections and medications to cataract surgery. It also provides dozens of services in the field of oral health or skin care. In addition, their exhausted patients wear a meal while waiting in line. His wife and sons, who are also doctors, are also helped in his work. But volunteers are also available.

More than 8 months ago, they asked for financial assistance they received. Rao's clinic has so far received hundreds of donations worth a total of $ 86,000.



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