Monday , March 1 2021

CORONAVÍRUS Michal Šipoš and Miroslav Kollár did not rule out the use of the Russian vaccine after EU approval

Opposition representatives Erik Tomáš (unregistered) from the non-parliamentary party Hlas-SD and Richard Takáč (Smer-SD) said their parties supported the vaccination, but on a voluntary basis. Therefore, Takáč believes that, for example, when traveling, PCR testing should not be the only option. It is in Slovakia’s interest to turn east to vaccines. Šipoš stressed that citizens should receive the best and safest vaccine on the market today. He recalled that several vaccines have been given to more than 80 percent of adults. He emphasized Slovakia ‘s vaccination strategy. “Gradually, we will open it to people who are young and healthy, then a vaccination campaign will start.” he added. Kollár believes that in addition to the supply of vaccines, emphasis should also be placed on the efficient operation of vaccination centers.

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Šipoš sees the concept of screening for COVID-19 mainly in the detection of local foci. According to him, this is an alternative to a hard lock. Kollár observed that no one could be cured by trials. “We believe that area-wide testing is not an effective use of capacity at this time.” declared. According to him, the focus is on vaccination. Tomáš and Takáč also do not support national trials.

The Voice-SD party will start collecting signatures for the referendum for early elections after the composition of the Committee on Petitions. According to Takáč, Smer-SD also believes that a referendum is the only way. He stressed that it must be apolitical. According to him, the party is negotiating with unions or unions. At the same time, however, he said the referendum should be “perfect”According to him, the previous steps should also be used, Smer-SD starts an extraordinary session of parliament on this issue. Šipoš commented that the early elections mean the early release of people who served under the previous government and are in custody.

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