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Community elections 2018: Police investigated electoral corruption

Residents of Slovak cities and municipalities elect new mayors, mayors and municipal MPs. The situation was ONLINE.

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– 2018 Common Elections: What You Need to Know

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– Municipal elections in the Bratislava region

– Municipal elections in the region of Trnavas

– Municipal elections in the Nitra region

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– Municipal elections in Žilinský kraj

– Municipal elections in Banskobystrický district

– Municipal elections in Košice

– Municipal elections in the Prešov region

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19:50 – The regional electoral commission in Dražovec, Nitra, showed great interest in the local Roma community in the elections. The situation has long been tense before the elections. People said they were fighting on the road, traveling by bus, complaining about verbal and physical attacks by uncomfortable citizens and looting in the gardens.

19:03 – There are also the largest televisions in the local elections. Everyone after their own. However, the night show does not wait for RTVS, Marquis and JOJ.

18:39 – Elections are running in the room, police spokeswoman Denisa Baloghová told "We did not notice a violation of public order, police officers were in the field early in the morning, and they stay there until the elections are over and the polling stations are closed, if necessary they are ready to take the appropriate measures."

He also confirmed the fact that the police received many stimuli. "On the day of the elections, it was over 200. Nearly half were criminal notes, forty-one misconduct, and recorded up to 60 others, and today we have received further suggestions, worried about a possible disruption of election preparation, moratorium suspicions and electoral corruption" Balllo added.

18:18 – In Oravsky Biel Potok a mayor of three candidates is elected. However, the election of Members is simply a wording. There are an equal number of candidates for seven seats in the council.

17:47 – There are incomplete lists of voters in Prievidza. Gabriela, who found in the polling station, found that the Commission did not find it on the list. "I do not stay for Prievidza, but fraud and tax, I will find you." Hanba Prievidza, "wrote to the social network.

In the village of Ľubeľa

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17:29 – Suspicions of market votes, violation of the moratorium or dissatisfaction with the activity of the regional electoral commissions. These are motives that are resolved during the election day by the State Committee for the Election and Control of Funding of Political Parties.

17:10 Counting the votes in the villages Dolný Lieskov and Klieština will be controlled by members of the regional electoral committee in Považská Bystrica. The reason is the effort of non-committee members to change the system of adding votes. In the constituency of Dolny Lieskov village, a citizen arrived with a device to speed up the voices.

"This was done with the opposition of the regional electoral commission, so it asked the regional electoral committee in Považská Bystrica to send a member counting the votes. The Commission adopted a resolution that would send a member there," said Jozef Smatan , head of the Provincial Bureau in Považská Bystrica, that a similar problem is Klieština.

16:41 – The unusual situation is reported by the Great Krtíš. Where should the 500 homeless people who live in the Town Hall and nobody know them? The homeless are on voter lists. So far, not to vote.

16:34 – His departure to the Kosice Roma building, Luník IX, disturbs the incident this morning. The new voter came to the room with a ticket printed in the name of one of the candidates for the mayor and deputy of the city.

"He came to the members of the electoral commission and put them at a table that would vote for it," said the chair of the local polling commission, Jozefina Šaňová. The ticket was to take the young man out.

"The members of the committee called me, so I called the cops. I told the local office, they said we should not stop the elections, with the police being treated," he said.

Options at lunar IX

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16:12 – Police investigate suspicion of violating the moratorium in Humenne. It should happen to him this Friday. "The police have been notified and the case is being investigated," said the representative of the Prešov Regional Police, Jana Ligdayová. According to the TASR, this should be the distribution of brochures in which a particular candidate for the Mayor of Humenné was preferred.

15:20 – Interest in elections is enormous in some regions in most of Bratislava. One example is a chamber in the elementary school at Dudova Street no. second

"People have been in the waves since morning, from the opening of the electoral chambers seven, some waiting in front of the polling station for 15 or 20 minutes, the interest is really enormous," said Regional Petroleum Electoral Commission Chairman Martin Petráš.

15:08 – In the constituency of V. ZŠ Pod Vinbargom there must be a struggle between the members of the committee. It informs about the social network of Online Bardejov. Some members claim that they want the votes of the candidates to be assigned to another candidate in the census.

14:28 – Residents of the Roma settlement near the village of Rakús in Kežmarok have one of the few options to vote in the polling station just a few meters from their home. Most settlements are located on the outskirts of the villages and voters sometimes spend even a few kilometers.

13:57 – An observer may also be present when adding votes. It can make audio, video or audio-video recordings, but must adhere to certain prerequisites. They can also make notes, but only on paper and can not distribute them until the regional electoral committee signs a record of the outcome of the elections.

13:13 – In Bratislava he also voted another favorite of the mayor – Matúš Vallo. "I would like it if it was in the evening," he told the reporter how he would spend the rest of the day.

Matus Vallo during

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13:02 – A great interest of voters is in Trebišov Roma. There are about 1860 voters in two regions. Electoral Centers are in elementary school, while before them there are councils and voters have to wait to leave. The village's choices are specific, including cases where some voters must be accompanied because they can not read and write.

12:14 – In Banská Bystrica shortly before 10:30, Prime Minister Peter Pelerrini also withdrew. According to him, it is important that the citizens of Slovakia do not underestimate the municipal elections. Perhaps they do not always know that the mayor or the mayor often has a greater influence on the quality of life and the satisfaction of the government.

12:07 – A voter who can not change the vote himself, either for disability or because he can not read or write, can take with him an assistant play. It may complete the vote for him according to the voter's instructions. However, this person may not be a member of the regional electoral committee.

11:16 – In Pravne Slovakia, on Saturday's local elections, residents of Bulgaria vote only for general deputies. No candidate was found at the seat of the mayor of the municipality of Turčianske Teplice.

10:56 – Police have received eight allegations of suspected electoral corruption, four of which have already begun to take place. The chairman of the State Election Committee and Funding Policy Control Party Eduard Bárány informed.

10:35 – President Andrej Kiska voted in Poprad at the city office. According to RTVS, he told reporters about important elections after the dramatic events that took place this year. At the same time, he urged people to go to the polls as he decides 4.5 billion euros for city and city management.

President Andrew

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10:18 – In the elections, the inhabitants of the region of Trnavas are selected by the mayor of the regional city and the districts Skalica, Senica, Hlohovec, Piestany, Galanta and Dunajska Streda. There are 45 candidates for these posts, 531 citizens stand for alternate seats in municipal councils. In Trnava, 154 candidates from the 31 alternate council seats are selected. The mayor's candidate is seven.

09:57 – In the Prešov area, mayors, mayors and deputies of municipal and general delegations can be selected in 661 municipalities and cities. In Jurkova Voli in Svidnik, Girovciach in Vranov nad Topľou and Ondavka near Bardejov, because they do not want seats in parliamentarians or mayor of the election on Saturday, do not act.

09:37 – The elections in Bratislava began on time and without problems. All polling stations were opened. The municipal electoral commission also has no problems yet. The Bratislava mayors choose from 10 candidates, municipal MPs from 284 candidates, mayors in 17 municipal chapters from nearly 70 candidates and local MPs from 846 candidates.

9:28 – In 97 municipalities and towns in the Nitra region, only one candidate is elected mayor or mayor. The greatest interest in the mayor's office is the Kolta municipalities in Nové Zámky, Krušovce in the district of Topoľčany and Lužianky in the Nitra region where the election committees were registered equally after eight candidates.

9:11 – Voters should have a good look at the voting list before the vote, especially when it comes to the election of municipal MPs. If more candidates than those elected in the constituency conclude, the vote will be void.

8:42 – In Bratislava, one of the favorites of the Mayor of the capital – Vaclav Mika has already been rejected.

Václav Mika during

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8:19 – Lost candidates for parliamentarians are characterized by elections in the village of Slanská Huta in Košice. There are five seats in the House of Representatives, only one candidate for the mandate. There are two candidates in the mayor's office.

7:51 – In the Ondavka area in the Bardejov region, local elections are not held on Saturday. In the village with 16 inhabitants, no one is interested in the position of mayor and deputies. Most of the 16 registered residents are retired.

7:46 – Unused or misplaced ballot papers must be placed on the designated clipboard. For casting unused ballots, a voter may be fined.

7:40 – Voters who prevent health from going to the polls may ask the village during a poll for a mobile vote.

However, they can not come to other districts behind them, except to do so. The law also means voters who can not adjust the voting vote either for disability or because they can not read or write.

7:35 – Electoral areas in almost three thousand municipalities are open from 7.00, voters can vote until 22.00. A moratorium is valid on election day and the fines for violating it are threatened.

More than 4.4 million inhabitants can be elected, ie citizens of the Slovak Republic and foreigners. For more than 55,000 people, municipal elections will be the first to vote.

Voices can be transferred only to the place of permanent residence. In the polling station, citizens of the Slovak Republic submit a valid citizens' permit, a foreigner with a residence document for a foreigner.

With questions about municipal elections, voters can turn to a line of information created by the Interior Ministry.

Ministries provide information on their constituents, rights and duties, or organizational security information.

The info bar is available from 02:00 until 22:00 on 02/5094 2317 and 02/5094 2312.

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