Monday , September 20 2021

Presented a new Jawa motorcycle

Jawa introduced new motorcycles"Java" is back!

In Mumbai, the introduction of brand new motorcycles.

Three motorcycles – classic Jawa, Jawa "Fourty-Two" and custom bicycle based on "Java" called "Berak" were presented in the presentation. If the first two of these models are available for pre-order from today, the customized motorcycle will be sold later. When not specified "later".

In "Java" think about brand new products, as well as the history of Java, the infinite, and therefore expect success in terms of sales.

In terms of technical characteristics, all motorcycles are equipped with a new single cylinder four-stroke DOHC engine with liquid cooling, a volume of 293 cubic inches and 6 transmission ratios. The maximum power of 27 bhp and the maximum torque is 28 Nm. Both bikes come normally took ABS brake anti-lock.

The Jawa model will be available in 3 colors and the Jawa is "forty two" – 6 colors. The photos displayed in this version are "classic" in red and the model is "Forty-Two" in lime color.

A very interesting and competitive price product. In the Indian market where it will begin selling the classic Java, it will have to pay 164,000 Indian rupees, equivalent to $ 2300, while the model is Forty-Two – 155,000 Indian rupees ($ 2,150).

Jawa introduced new motorcycles
Jawa introduced new motorcycles
Jawa introduced new motorcycles

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