Monday , October 25 2021

Doctors discovered how dangerous a wax


Medicines that are hazardous to serviceIt is important to know.

Earwax may cause almost complete hearing loss for the elderly and people with disabilities, researchers say.

In addition to hearing loss, the accumulated candle in his ears can cause a bang in the ears and dizziness – the latter quite dangerous as it increases the chance of falling.

"If we are talking about a healthy person, he can usually deal with the problem alone, but if we say, for example, from patients with senile neurodegenerative diseases, their low cognitive and communicative skills deteriorate rapidly if the ears of the accumulated sulfur are confirmed by many observations ", – said Jackie Clark.

In general, medical professionals dealing with patients with dementia should consider this important factor and follow the patient's auditory channel. The procedure for removing the head is very simple, says Clark, and its result exceeds all expectations.

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