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Democrats to explore Trump actions at AT & T, Amazon: Assistant

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – When the Democrats take control of the US House, they plan to investigate Trump's attempt to block AT & T IncT.N) from the acquisition of Time Warner and whether the employees attempted to punish Inc (AMZN.O), pushing the US Post Office to raise shipping prices for the world's largest e-commerce company, a senior Democrat and Congressional advisor said on Sunday.

An AT & T logo is portrayed in Pasadena, California, USA, on January 24, 2018. REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni

Speaking in the Axios electronic version, spokesman Adam Schiff, who is expected to be the next chair of the House Intelligence Committee, said the Democrats would examine whether the Trump had used the powers of the federal government to punish companies.

The spokesman for the Chairman of the Committee on Supervision and Government Reform, Iliada Kemming, said the committee "may want to consider" whether the White House opposed the Amazon and AT & T.

The Surveillance and Government Reform Commission said on Sunday that the commission "has already explored these issues, but Trump's administration has so far not complied with our demands." We expect to change now that we are the majority.

Cummings also told ABC "This Week" that he intends to investigate if Trampa killed plans to relocate the new FBI headquarters because the move could hurt his business interests at the Trump Hotel across the street.

Cummings asked the White House and the Trump Organization for documents about "Trump's failure to accurately state debts and payments" to his personal proxy, Michael Cohen, "for the silence of women who underestimated extramarital affairs before from the elections ".

Another commission assistant said on Sunday that "the information you requested was not given because we are in the minority and this will have to change now that we are in the majority." Cohen admitted guilty in August in eight felony felonies.

Since they won Parliament's control over mid-term elections last week, Democrats have vowed to start investigating a wide range of Trump governance issues.

FILE PHOTO: The Amazon logo appears at the company's logistics center in Boves, France, August 8, 2018. REUTERS / Pascal Rossignol / Photo Gallery

Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos holds the Washington Post privately, while Time Warner shares include CNN. Trump has complained to both stores about his critical coverage.

"It is our responsibility to learn," said Schiff to Axios in an interview that will be released on Sunday at HBO.

Schiff said Trump "secretly met the postmaster (general) in an attempt to occupy the postmaster to increase postal rates on Amazon … This seems to be an attempt by the president to use the means of state power to punish Jeff Bezos the Washington Post, "said Schiff.

It is not clear which committees can explore corporate issues, as the Schiff Information Committee will not have supervision. A Schiff spokesman refused to comment further.

AT & T and declined to comment on Sunday. The White House did not comment immediately.

Trump has repeatedly complained that Amazon does not pay the American Postal Service a fair price for the delivery of the packages. Trump said, without providing evidence, that this costs US taxpayers billions of dollars and threatened to increase the company's postage.

Trump opposed the merger of AT & T Time Warner as a candidate and has repeatedly attacked CNN and last week the CNN's White House clientele was suspended.

The Ministry of Justice is calling for federal court approval to acquire Time Warner of $ 85.4 billion.

With a piecemeal decision in the congressional elections last week, Democrats are planning a cautious approach. Democratic House Leader Nancy Phelsey told CBS "Face the Nation" that Democrats would not "conduct any research for political ends but seek truth."

Cummings promised a "methodical" approach to research. "I'm not going to deliver appeals like someone delivering candy to Halloween," said Cummings.

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