Wednesday , October 20 2021

Android WARNING: Shock security risks discovered by Google, make sure you do this


Android smartphone users get a warning after revealing a range of dangerous security threats from Google.

Android is one of the most used pieces of software in the world, with more than two billion active devices running Google's mobile operating system every month.

But the top operating system has suffered some high security risks, the largest of which is Judy's malicious software that hit Android.

Security experts said malware spread through the Google Play Store and could have infected 36.5 million Android smartphones.

And now fans of Android have been warned of another security risk, which this time fortunately has a simple solution.

Google recently released its November security bulletin for the Android operating system.

And, as reported in a post by Bleeping Computer, some security malfunctions that could leak information from Android have been highlighted.

These six safety dysfunctions were high in severity and were distant.

When they exploit, they can reveal data that is usually only available on locally installed applications.

Some of these security flaws only affect the latest version of Android, while others affect many versions.

Google also described 14 security issues related to Qualcomm's data, three of which are rated critical.

Fortunately, to be safe from these issues, all Android users will need to download the latest Android security update.

In other news, has recently reported that Android fans have been notified of dozens of dangerous apps found on the Google Play Store.

ESET security experts have discovered malware in the Google Play Store that was masked as device cleaners, battery managers, and horoscope apps.

The malware campaign was a "complicated" and "complex" based on "a great focus on secrecy".

Unlike other malware threats using bogus login screens, this malicious software has allowed intruders to send and receive text on infected devices.

This would allow them to bypass the MFA authentication protocols which would otherwise have protected the banking data.

It can also download any additional intruder-choice applications and also deny any application installed on a broken device.

ESET has said that apps that infect the content have been downloaded with different developer names and that the project appears to be the work of a single intruder.

Click here to navigate to the page that displays a complete list of all affected Google Play Store apps.

All malware has now been removed from the Google Play Store, but make sure you have one of those deleted from your device installed.

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