Thursday , January 28 2021

Amazon Music adds minor backgrounds to songs with new X-Ray capabilities

Amazon adds new X-Ray capabilities to the music streaming service, which lets you see extra trivia about the music you listen to. The feature is available in the US and UK on “tens of millions” of songs, and Amazon says it is trying to expand that list over time.

X-Ray is not a completely new feature for Amazon. It is already available on the company’s video streaming service where it shows information such as which actors are in a current scene and in the past it has been able to display real-time lyrics for songs on Amazon Music. What is new are the trivia tracks that the track function now shows. These range from interesting information about an artist’s background to more amazing information about when a song was released and where it got to Advertising sign diagrams.

To access trivia on compatible songs, you can drag up the “X-Ray” icon to compatible tracks. From there, you can drag each event or click on the Rates section at the bottom of the screen to see the full credits of a track.

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