Zaev: The Ohrid agreement is a constituent part of the state


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02. 2018 November. 15:11 |

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The Macedonian Prime Minister has raised the details of the proposed constitutional amendment submitted to the General Assembly



The Government of Macedonia proposes that the second constitutional amendment of ASNOM's decision by announcing the first session of ASNOM, supplementing the Ohrid Framework Agreement, becoming a constituent of the state, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev explained the details of the text to amend the highest law which was signed on Friday in Prespa signed parliamentary procedure.

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– The first amendment is replaced by Macedonia, instead of Macedonia, which is superseded by the Constitution except in Article 36 where it is a historic one. The second part of the preamble, where ASNOM's decisions are replaced by the announcement of the first ASNOM meeting and the Ohrid Framework Agreement, became a component of the state. This part is embedded in the Constitution and merely complements the wording of the Ohrid Framework Agreement, Zaev said in the government.

With the third amendment, as pointed out, only one paragraph is added, the republic respects the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of neighboring states.

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In addition to strengthening the Macedonian identity, the fourth amendment states that the Republic protects the rights and interests of citizens who live or reside abroad, and improves relations with their homeland, Zaev said.

– Diaspora continues to be a cause for concern, but the re-routing of Article 49 will not cause any other disruption in the future and will stand, and the republic will not interfere with the sovereign rights and internal affairs of other states, Zaev said to Skopje reporters.


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