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YOU CAN MAINTAIN THIS FLOWER AND CONSUMPTION FROM THE SALAD AND SLEEP YOU: Scientists say it's the easiest way to lose weight!


11/20/2018. 18:10

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Weight loss is never an easy process and is influenced by many of our habits, and even minimal change can help us to quickly remove fat deposits … Among other things, British researchers have shown that eating a meal before from the bed can stimulate faster metabolism.

In a recent study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, scientists have confirmed that it is possible to remove the pounds in sleep, of course, with a corrected diet. They have discovered and what foods should be eaten half an hour before bedtime to allow it, and the word is fresh cow's cheese!

Scientists have found that even 30 grams of fresh cheese are enough to positively affect muscle regeneration and accelerate metabolism, thanks to casein (milk protein contained in dairy products and cheese).

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Casein varies more and provides more muscle protein for more hours, so the body does not need to take energy for its own protein, but it will be used with carbohydrates and fats.

If for some reason you are not eating cow's cheese, a good alternative is casein protein shake. British researchers have pointed out that the body's reaction is very similar.


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