Saturday , February 27 2021

(VIDEO) SERBIA IS IN NATIONAL FUNCTION! "Eagles" went for Litvanci to qualify for Division B!

Serbia will play with Norway in the play-off semifinals if it plays, provided it does not ensure placement in the EP through qualifications. In the final they would play against Scotland or Finland.

After the desperate first 45 minutes of the game, the "Eagles" were then led by the Lithuanians. Serbia took the autogol of the clumsy Zulpa, and only seven minutes later, Aleksandar Mitrovic, the best goalkeeper of the League of Nations with six goals, doubled after the center-left Zivkovic.

The Lithuanians are very fast, but in the 64th minute, Petrevicius' goal after the missive keeper Radkovic reduced the score to 2: 1. But there was no panic in Serbia.

In just three minutes our guests hit guests. First, Ljubovic, who entered the game at the beginning of the second part of the match, returned the advantage to Serbia two goals, again Zivkovic scored. Just three minutes later, Prijović played Ljajic, who was the owner of the triumph – 4: 1.

In the next round, Serbia will play in category B, where it will be Germany, Croatia, Poshlia, Russia, Austria, Wales, Scotland, Norway …

SERBIA – LITHUANIA 4: 1 (0: 0)

Scorer: Žulpa in 51, Mitrovic 58, 71, Ljacic 71 – Petrovitsi 64.

Stage: FK Partizan. Judge: Kristo Tohver (Estonia).

SERBIA: Reykjavik, Rukivina, Milenkovic, Rodic, Matsimovic, Lukic (77. Feisa), Zivkovic, Lajdzic (82. Aleksic), Gashinivic (46.

LITHUANIA: Shekkos, Barbaykas, Gerginis, Youneshevskis, Slavikas, Zulpas, Kalauzukas, Vorobjovas, Sirgedas, Petravičius, Černih.


Second semester

82 & # 39 ;. Instead of Adem Ljajic, another repatriated player enters the selection after ten years in Serbia's jersey played by Daniel Aleksic.

77 & # 39 ;. Another change in the team in Serbia, Lukic changes Fayce.

74 & # 39 ;. TARGET! Ljajic beats 4: 1. There is no other dilemma, Serbia is the first in Group 4 and goes to the League of Nations Nations Playoffs. Divan pas Prijović for Ljajić, who pushed the goalkeeper of Lithuania.

71 & # 39 ;. TARGET! Prijovic leads Serbia to 3: 1! The attacker of Serbia scored two more goals in the eagles with his head.

68 & # 39 ;. A big combination of Serbian players, Ljajić played fifth and Mitrovic sold volleyball to the edge of the penalty area, but kicked next to the goal.

64 & # 39 ;. TARGET! The Lithuanians reduce the score to 2: 1. Rakacic reacted very badly in the center of the center of Lithuania on the right, the ball fell to Petravicius's foot, which shook the eagle net above his back.

58 & # 39 ;. TARGET! Serbia leads 2: 0, Aleksander Mitrovic's sixth goal in the League of Nations. On the right, Živković scored the ball and Aleksandar Mitrovic jumped to the second tripod and doubled the lead of the "eagles".

57 & # 39 ;. It was a bit short of Serbia's doubling of the lead, but Prijović scored the goal.

51 & # 39 ;. TARGET! Serbia leads 1: 0! After Ljajić's center from the corner, Žulpa reacted badly, trying to save Milenković to the peter, and with his head shaking his own net.

47 & # 39 ;. Serbia's first attempt at other places, but Velikovic tightens the ball a little and disturbs Rodit's plans.

46 & # 39 ;. Aleksandar Prijović came in to replace Gaćinović.

Romania leads against Montenegro in Podgorica and Serbia is currently second at the table.


First half

45 "The pressure of Serbian footballers on the half-time finish, but it does not work. The Lithuanians defend themselves well, there is no change in the results.

41 & # 39 ;. Mitrovic's first attempt in the fight but unfortunately is extremely harmless for the Lithuanian target.

34 & apos ;. Serbia is often punished for the failure of visitors. After a break, Maksimović jumped well into the center of Ljajic, but the ball was left.

32 & # 39 ;. This is not good. The "Eagles" were lucky now. Januševskis remained alone and kicked, but Rajković kept the "eagles" with the help of a cross and prevented the leadership of the Lithuanians.

30 & # 39 ;. Damage, damage! Ljajic was a good ball in the penalty area, but it was not expensive, though that was a difficult place.


29 & # 39 ;. Prete Lithuanians. Cross by Petkovski, but the ball is taken by the keeper. Rajković sends a nice clearance on the goal,

26 & # 39 ;. Fuck! Lukic was shot at a distance of about 15 meters, but very badly, Lithuania's goalkeeper Setsos easily reached the ball and shed danger.

22 & # 39 ;. Another promising counter of our players, but Ljajic got a bad final doggy and nothing of this opportunity to jeopardize the target of the Lithuanians.

20 & # 39 ;. Serious action by Serbia, good Gacinovic's dog for Rodic, but failed to play Ljajic.

16 & # 39 ;. Serbia had the first corner in the game, but it was an easy job for Litvanci.

12 & # 39 ;. Slavic put the ball in the Serbian region but usually eliminated the risk of the Serbian national team.


10 & # 39 ;. It has been ten minutes without real opportunities on both sides of the court, which is completely impregnated, making it difficult for players to play the game.

5 & ​​# 39 ;. The first attempt of the Lithuanians, Černih, started after a cross on the right, but the ball ends near the goal.

1 & # 39 ;. The game started!

– Antonio Rukavina is the leader of Serbia in the match with Lithuania for the first time in his career.

– Only a few hundred fans at the Partizan Stadium.


– It's cold in Belgrade, a few degrees above zero. Of course, this will be reflected in the visit. Half an hour before the start of the race there are no more than 2,000 fans in the kiosks.

Here is the composition of Serbia:

– Serbian striker Aleksandar Mitrovic may become the top scorer of the League of Nations if he scores against Lithuania. In addition, five goals were given by Jura Movisisyan, Armenian striker, Stanislav Drahun from Belarus, and Haris Seferovic, a footballer from Switzerland. Their teams have already completed their participation in the League of Nations.

– Today's birthday is celebrated by one of the best Serbian footballers Dusan Tadic. Thirty in a row, and we hope he will run into a good game.

Serbia's representatives have the opportunity to cover the Football Association with 1,125,000 euros if they win Lithuania in Humska.

The original draft of the European Football Association was to award all the winners of the group with 750,000 euros, but the premiums were then doubled due to the big salary UEFA won from the last European Championship.

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