Saturday , May 15 2021

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Great military exercise "Victory Day" to mark tomorrow's 100th anniversary of Serbia's victory in World War I is an indication that you have an army worth relying on, Defense Secretary Aleksandar Vulin said.

A. Cukic

Vulin said the last exercises that could compare the "Victory Day" were the "Freedom" and "Unity" exercises held in 1971 and 1975.

– Since then, no one dared, or could not show such a power and such organization – said Minister Vulin at RTS Dnevnik.

His skills, in a fire fighting exercise, will show 8,000 active members of the Serbian Armed Forces, reminds Vulin, saying they do not call themselves a reserve.

Citizens will be able to see 645 combat vehicles: 100 M-84 tanks, 100 infantry vehicles. We will use 100 different artillery and missile weapons.

The river fleet will be presented with 14 river ships, 40 boats and tugs, with eight amphibians. They will fly 24 aircraft – "MIGs", "Eagles", "Gulls", helicopters.

"Due to the large number of soldiers and money, the number of murders increased, instead of 103 tons, we will use 125 tons," Vulin said.

It will show the pride of the Serbian defense industry – a "caserad" that came into use in the Serbian Army, "crazy", "a small mill," Vulin said.

Citizens will also be aware of the work of "Kobri," in pursuit of the protection of the high politician.

– Cobras is an elite unit that is responsible for securing top government officials, but not just for it. We wanted to show what kind of "Cobra" is at work, that the public sees it is not only there to protect someone, it is a counter-terrorist unit, cares for every citizen and is capable of responding to any terrorist threat. They are all guards and everyone in the country – explained Vulin.

The main virtue of the exercise is that, according to the minister, the units will appear exactly as they are.

"We did not create a combined unit, we did not send a special brigade to play an infantry … Everyone is working with peace exactly what he would do in the war," said Vulin.

Speaking of the situation in the Serbian Army, Vulin said he was heavily equipped with equipment.

– More than ever, the army looks after its members, their future and their families. When you enter the army, from the first to the last day of your life, you are part of it and we take care of you – said the Minister of Defense.

At the initiative of the President and Serbian chief Aleksandar Vucic, more than 8,000 apartments were built, as Vulin reminded, adding that there has been a 10% wage increase and now it will be nine per cent.

They also increased their daily allowance from 800 to 1,100 dinars, as well as steady support for the birth of a child and the disease.

"And this exercise is proof that you have an army worth relying on, join," Vulin said.

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