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The Minister of Finance in the morning program announced UNFINEST NEWS!


06/21/2019. 10:05 – 06/21/2019. 10:11

Siniša Mali, Minister of Finance, was the guest of the show "New Morning" with Predrag Sarape.

Siniša Mali

Sinisa Mali, Photo: Screen printing

Yesterday, the Republic of Serbia successfully launched the first EUR 1 billion government-issued bond loan on the international capital market, which will be paid in 2029 and will be listed on the London Stock Exchange.

What is the message and why this is important for our country, Finance Minister Sinisa Mali spoke in New Morning.

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Undoubtedly, yesterday it was the most important news on Europe's international market. We have achieved an incredible success. You said – one billion euros of new bonds of the Republic of Serbia. PSome 300 investors from around the world have shown interest, something that has never happened before, which is another confirmation of the success of Serbia's economic reforms and results in the world. According to these achievements, we are better than a large number of countries in the European Union, which is simply an incredible event said Mali, while the leader was surprised all this time.

Siniša Mali

Sinisa Mali, Photo: Screen printing

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