Thursday , May 13 2021

Stojkovic is waiting for a long pause, half the team that killed the virus

Stojkovic is waiting for a long pause, half the team that killed the virus

From the great joy of the great triumph over Liverpool, fans and the audience in general, in the shadow of a shadow, Filip Stojkovic. The original red and white backs must have left the game in the 60th minute due to the elbows elbows. How they write Evening news Stojkovic waiting for a pause. That is, a link was broken, the other cracked and the recovery would last at least two weeks.
"Well, now I can say that I've done well because I just fell, I thought I had broken My leg was so broken, I waited for the treatments, I must be patient and it's really hard to predict when we'll come back hopefully everyone two weeks, perhaps a few more days ", he said Stojkovic, and went down News.

His Star Defender does not regret a lot because …
"We wrote the story, we did it with the heart, everyone gave the maximum. We were again the old star, so we won a good game with this triumph".

And Zule Stojkovic does not suffer the consequences, many players visit the doctor Purića. The influenza virus sank Savic, Krsticic, Marina, Jovancic, Kashitsa
"But no one hates because this success faces all the plagues" We have many hearts, fans and all of Serbia gave us joy and joy and we went to a match for spring in Europe The ball is round when Star plays a brave, unlike Liverpool, anything that can be expected in the other two fights, only to be cured until then ", highlighted the right hand of the Serbian champion.

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