Wednesday , December 2 2020

Serbia in Hollywood, Hollywood in Serbia

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The second CGA (Computer Graphics and Arts) conference will take place on 16 and 17 November in Yugoslavian Cinema and will bring together some of the world's leading names in visual, animation, gaming and digital art, as well as representatives of home studies who worked in world blockbusters.

The main program of the conference, which will be held during the two days in the large cinema hall, includes over fifteen lectures, paintings and presentations equally interesting for professionals, students and those who are thinking of reorienting their profession to the graphics industry.
The biggest star of this year's CGA conference in Belgrade will be Mike Shimor, founder of VFXGuide and an ambassador of the technological development of computer animation, whose online lessons and lessons were the starting point for the generations of the most important artists around the world.
With him he will share his experience with last year's movie "Blade Raner 2049" Shahin Тусы, while they will Viktor Peres Talk about how the experience gained in film series like Star Wars and Harry Potter can be applied to projects with a much smaller budget. Rams, along with many foreign academics and industry academics, will find successful Serbian studies and artists to present projects that are being implemented in collaboration with world giants from the world of cinema, advertising, the gaming industry …

This year's lectures are free of charge for all visitors to the CGA Congress in Belgrade, with a previous registration on the official website.

Stefan Kapicic (right as Colossus) is an honorary ambassador of the 2nd Congress of the CGAPhoto: 20th Century Fox / Promo
Stefan Kapicic (right as Colossus) is an honorary ambassador of the 2nd Congress of the CGA

With the educational as well as international character that feeds the conference, special attention will be paid to successful people from Serbia who have built a career in the world and best represent the potential for the development of the computer graphics industry in our country. At the same time, the honorary title of the ambassador of the second CGA conference in Belgrade came to the actor Stefan Kapicic, the first actor in our space to interpret the character of Marvel's hero. This work experience in films that use intense visual effects prompted him to accept this invitation.
"It is my great honor and privilege to be the ambassador of such an imaginative conference as CGA Belgrade and, as far as I can, I give maximum support to Serbia's position on the world map," Kapicic said. – It's not a rare case here, in Los Angeles, the world-renowned names from the film industry is the best way to refer to honest people and studies from our country with whom they worked on some projects in the field of visual effects. And the congratulations I hear, as well as the results I had the opportunity to see, I put them on the shoulders with industry leaders – said our actor.