Tuesday , May 11 2021

RONALDO BESAN KAO RIS! Juventus got a new coach

Juventus will soon get a new coach and Cristiano Ronaldo can not believe what the management of the Torino giant decided on this occasion.

As the “old woman” left the Champions League early, and in the league the title defense is not visible because “Juve” is still 12 points behind the top Inter, it seems that the legends of Italian football, Andrei Pirlo, are numbered days in the position of Chief of Staff.

What follows is a change of strategy, at least that is the case with the media at the Apennines, and Pirla will have to be replaced by an expert the Portuguese ace is said to be intolerant of – Massimiliano Allegri.

Massimiliano Allegri

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Massimiliano Allegri

According to these allegations, he appeared in the meeting with the first man of Juventus, Andrea Agnelli, who was “a clear sign that the return is being prepared”.

Allegri, we remind you, that he already worked at Juventus, he worked with Cristiano when he came to Serie A from Real Madrid, but although the blacks and whites from Turin won the title then, Ronaldo does not remember the coach for the best .

In particular, there were reports that Allegri often defined his humor in training with the Portuguese ace, sometimes mocking him when something went wrong and Allegri’s answer to the question who is the best player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, is famous or Lionel Messi – “One is bigger (Ronaldo) and one better (Messi)”.

Now, the Portuguese is reportedly very angry that the Juventus management wants to bring Massimiliano Allegri back to the helm of the team, so it remains to be seen if the captain of the European champions will welcome him to the club, or maybe change his midfield. summer. “Rustle” time.

By the way, Allegri (53) led Aljaneze, SPAL, Grosseto, Asuolo, Cagliari, Milan and Juventus in his career, from which he left in 2019. He was the champion with Milan in 2011, when he also won the Italian Super Cup, and with the “old woman” from Turin, won the title in five consecutive seasons, finishing with the aforementioned 2019, and added four Italian cups and two Super Cups there.

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