OFFICIAL COMPETITIONS: The star with the strongest team in Liverpool, Joveljic at Spitz!


A new striker will start this fight in the hope that he will expand a wide range of goals.

Red Star Red Star players will play against Liverpool at the Cukaricki Stadium at 2 pm

In the 4th round of the League of Champions the young man met the red star and Liverpool, two teams who scored in England in the last round when the Reds celebrated 2: 1. In Belgrade today, the competition continues, and when it comes to the composition Bratislava Zivkovic, I am Joveljic, the team is expected and Aleksa Terzic.


RED STAR (4-2-3-1): Gordic – Kokoli, Milic, Jovic, Staic – Stojanovic, Azerbaijan – Kupusovic, Yozic, Terzic – Jovelic. Bench: Crostovic, Ivanovic, Stojanic, Edinkovic, Dediger, Velikic, Bourmaz.

LIVERPUL (3-4-3): Jarosh – P. Williams, Kolel, Clayton – N. Williams, Jones, Cain, Luis – Kamako, Adequan, Duncan. Bench: Kelly, Glacel, Boner, Houever, Clarkson, Laraqi, Longstaf.


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