Wednesday , October 20 2021

LIVE: Olimpija-Crvena zvezda 44:52 (25 minutes) | Basketball


18:07 –

The second half started in Ljubljana. Jones was accurate after his first home attack this quarter. The star returned for two, and then a series of lost cables followed both teams. A series of failures interrupted Spain with its first three, hit the Corner. They have both repaired the game's shooting, and after Red Bull's triple and free throws, Reds and Whites have the greatest advantage (43:52).

Begijn was half of the freefall line after the fourth Perperoglu foul.

17:26 –

At the beginning of the second quarter, it is accurate for two young Simonović in the classes of Olympiou. After a minute and after the game, the first point was recorded by Perperoglu (25:24). The star made a mini-line, commanded (25:29), and the host reacted to the timing-car. The impressive dunk of Begovic's Ljubljana team reduced the delay, but Beron entered his third trio. After a solo penetration, Begit scored two, so the score was 29:32. They replied with the domestic mini-series, so Milan Tomic asked for a timekeeper (31:32).

A large number of aggressive red and white jumps arrived. The biggest advantage in the previous game of the Zvezda game ran for a bit more than two minutes in half. A further six after the free shots releasing Odz (33:39). There were a large number of failures on both sides and a series of half a dozen penalties and a series of bad shots from the game interrupted Dobric with a three-shot corner (36:43). Olimpija requested a timetable-out.

There is not much left until the end of 20 minutes. Mesicek tried for three in the last attack, but it was unclear. At halftime, the result is 36:43.

17:02 –

For the first attack in the race, they were red and white. Lassic lost the massacre, but under the foul, he took two free shots. However, it was half the penalty line. On the other side of the Faja, Radulovic bounced, and Beron threw the three (0: 4). The first goal for Olympique in the second minute was scored by Rebec, hitting three, and Regland did a lot in the one-on-one (3: 6). Reynold went to the ground and Cirbes added two points to Star's account (5: 8).

Before the end of the fourth minute of the match, the home team retired from the bonus, making three fouls in just ten seconds. Radulovic made an unsportsmanlike offense, Lajic from the free-throw line was accurate twice, and the red and white players took the ball from the side. They did not use the opportunity to show, and Reynolds was punished after a quick gauge. He sired for two, and hence was half of the penalties. After completing the Faja on the scoreboard, 8:12, Olimpija quickly approached a point behind.

Beron succeeded in semi-solid from a difficult position, but Reynolds on the other hand gave Odessa and scored at the table for the seventh. With the first Olimpija pencil came over Lapornik, and soon Jones added two points to the host (18:14). Beron returned his second triple. Reynolds is amazing, beneath the foul he took the lay-off and finished in the ads, and then added a further free shot. The same thing on the opposite side was made immediately by Faye (21:22). At the end of the first quarter, however, the minimum advantage for the team from Ljubljana (23:22). Even 17 personal mistakes occurred within the first ten minutes.

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