Saturday , June 12 2021

Klavanborg: Mitrovic is away, but Shalia's goal is irregular

British referee Mark Klatenburg commented on a controversial situation on the line between Liverpool and Fulham when the guests defied and Liverpool led the opposite.

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Photo by Barrington Coombs / PA Images via Getty Images

Photo by Barrington Coombs / PA Images via Getty Images

Everything was done in the 41st minute of the race. Alexandre Mitroviu was naked for the offside and the Liverpool players caught him in the visitor's sleep.

Mitrov was one of Fulham's three players in front of Liverpool. Pomoni judges set the flag in order not to recognize the target of the Serbian assault.

Mitrovi caught his head, almost all the Fulham team stopped incredibly, used by Liverpool players. Alison Beker took a break from the penalty which the ball went wide. Mohammed Salah reaches the field and the goalkeeper for the London team.

According to Judge Klatenburg, who is currently working as a judge of Saudi Arabia, Mitrovia's goal is justifiably humble, but according to him, it had to be a humble and bare place.

"A part of the body that can score a goal is enough to be in an illegal position, as with Mitrovi, who was at least away from home. His shoulder was behind the last defender, the referee of the line made the right decision"Klatesburg believes.

He then complained to the main referee, Paul Tirni, that he did not stop Liverpool's action.

"Liverpool goalkeeper Alison broke off, but the ball did not stop, he was in motion, not allowed. The route had to stop the action, return the ball to the stoppage. Instead, he allowed Liverpool to continue the action and Fulham was forced to do so. "

He pointed another important detail.

"Also, Mitrovius began to celebrate after his arrest. In cases where there is a small offside and the team celebrates a goal, the referee will usually have to decide to continue the game before making sure all players are ready to continue; this is not done by Tirly and Liverpool used it"Klatenburg concluded.

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