Wednesday , June 16 2021

Goca Božinovska broke her bride, what she said to Bojana will amaze you! (PHOTO)


31.03.2021. 19:15

Bojana Rodi Mirko Sijan Goka Bocinovska

Bojana Rodi Rod Mirko Šijan Goca Božinovska, Photo:

Bojana Rodi is in an emotional relationship with his son Goce Bozinovska, Mirko Gian, with whom they are expecting their first child. She has already moved into the family home in Surčin and immediately received gold advice from her mother-in-law Goca and the singer spoke about it in public.

– Never complain to me, you are his mistress! Now what do you do to him, he will be your husband! If you deliver it now, forget that you will never have a good husband… Iron is forged while it is hot – the singer informed her bride about the show.

Mirko Gian I Bojana Rodi earlier this year, they learned they were going to be parents for the first time and now they have learned the sex of the child. Namely, Mirko recently boasted about the good news on the social network Instagram and revealed that he will become the father of a little boy.

Bojana Rodić, in an ever more provocative version, shines in her pregnant days, more about that HERE.

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