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Frustrated by Janakovic's shift, he worked in an embarrassing environment

The group listens to the voice: Frustrated by Jodanovic's shift, he worked in a disturbed environment

It did not last for three whole weeks. Shahid Kan then calms the audience by claiming rumors about a turn Slaviše Jokanović imagination, not reality. Just a few days ago, a similar story. Today, however, another song from his mouth. He acknowledges that Fulham had pulses in the pulse for the available trainers for a week. After all, after a series of five losses, perhaps the expected traffic? Fulham fans do not agree.

In a statement we rarely see in such cases in England Union of Fulham fans (Trust of Fulham Suppoters) President Tom Gritricks explains that tribunes do not like the moves of the owner of the club. Dzokanovic the past three years in Craven Cove has entered many people under the skin, so social networks after the change have full comments that they are popular Slave legend Fulama.
"The club is disappointed that Slavia Jotanovic is leaving the club. And he wants to publicly express his gratitude for all the successes that Fulham has achieved in his three years as a coach. Earlier this week, the club voiced the desire to keep Dzokanovic the question of whether his shift came very soon will remain the subject of discussion"Fulham's supporters will be diplomatic, but dissatisfaction will be felt in all their proposals.

After all, they look like the situation he was in the club when he was Dzokanovic took the lead of the pipeline. Read now carefully.
"He succeeded the group without direction, the crowded club and the uneasy fan base and managed to make a team that rarely admired any champion. He played in style and fly and in this unforgettable fight at Vembli he was promoted to the Premier League. The fact that all of this has been done with the public is a well illustrated upheaval from the background, which despite the challenges remains calm and determination, makes all its effects remarkable. Slavas will be one of the greatest educators in Fulham's history".

And what does that mean in particular? Well, the already known conflict with Cragom Clay First of all. One of the best friends Tony Khan, son of a boss Sahin Han, entered Fulham as a full analyst, but took care for a long time and dressed in Crayven Kotidz. He designed a strange system of analyzes and statistics and if the program said the player was not good, he could not sign him. Well, only the case, for example, Dzokanovic Last year he was gone Tamius Abraham, My Aron; i Glen Marea.

But that's enough Johan Molo, Rafa Soares i Marcel Giallo. Pier today plays in the wings of the Soviets, Soares in Vitoria Guimaraes, Yeah is second-instance loan Ekstramaduri.
"My list of aids is completely ignored. We decided to go on a road that does not make sense to me … It all depends on this type (Klajna, prim.aut), the last one. I'm a little disappointed, because nobody knows who she is. Just sit in the closet"He complained then Dzokanovic.

How much is it Klein in fact, a wonderful guy maybe better conversations Guardian Knowledge – a Guardian he does not deal with such things unless he is fully convinced of the authenticity – the way he wanted, at least in the public, to exaggerate the situation.

If you have not heard before, watch out now …

Klajnova The idea was that in the suit the wrestler of the sumo fell Dzokanovic a press conference and "archives" it. Then Dzokanovic as some superheroes broke his suit and down would be – the sumo wrestlers costume naturally. Like a joke the media do not see any problems. of course it is Dzokanovic refused to want to make a clown of himself. And the problems were there. Big problems.

In October 2017. Shahid Kan had to give up. It shot out Klajna. This guy called the police and reported some kind of harassment? No one will miss Craven Cove. Just left Dzokanovic in January Aleksandar Mitrovic, Meta Target i Suras Christie. It was vital in the battle for promotion to the elite.
"The three of them came with training bags, trained shoes, and soccer. I have no more time, not at this level, to bring people from the other side of the world. I need people who understand how to drive to England. They need people you can trust"He said then Dzokanovic.

However, after 100 million euros spent on aid this year, many wonder if this is the environment Tony Khan and this year around Dzokanovic when making the most important decisions. Okay, it is clear that it is Mitrovic selection Dzokanovic, but many other players do not seem to be like the taste of the head of the profession.

After all, according to the newspapers of the island, it is said that the tops of the administration were earlier Okay i Gale. Andre Zambo Angisa also does not fit better and the last average costs 25,000,000 euros. Caps – Alfi Moson i Straws – Last season they played for the teams that came out of the Premier League. And defending this autumn is Fulham's biggest problem. And there is no doubt that this also applies to the head of the profession. Was he only wondering if he was the only one responsible? Or the burden of guilt has to be shared with some people in the lodgings?

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