Thursday , February 25 2021

Darko Lazic called from the hospital! Selfi with the mother! – ShowBiz – Region – News

Branka Lazic, mother Dara Lajic, published her son's photo of the hospital for the first time since the singer had experienced a road accident. Selfi was shot by a singer himself and he and his mother are in the picture. It's also visible on Dark's head. The singer did not have the right to use his cell phone, so with the profile of Instagram my mom praised and congratulated Arandjelovdan's reputation:

"Happy glory to everyone and to me because I do not have my phone".

See the photo HERE

Darko Lazic suffered a road accident on October 23 early in the morning when he turned more than four times and ended up in the meadow next to the road. It was the braking that the police found not sleeping at the wheel but drove at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour. Three hours after the accident, the singer had over 1.39 alcohols in his blood. He has suffered serious bodily injuries. He broke his cheekbones, nine nerves, a bone bone, to the place where he entered the pelvis and took a hematoma on his head.

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