Sunday , November 29 2020

ATP “admitted” who is the best of all time?

The official Instagram account of the World Tennis Association (ATP) posted a photo with a “list” of the success of the “big three”.

MTSource: B92

Grand Slam trophies and the number of Final Masters won, Masters from the 1000 series and the Olympic Games were considered as external parameters for the ranking.

In the end, the people from the umbrella organization gathered it all, and the amount clearly showed that currently the most successful Serbian tennis player, Novak, is in chains.

It should be added that currently the best game in the world has the best mutual score with both (Nadal 29-27, Federer 27-23).

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Of course, it must be borne in mind that Vajcarac and Panac are currently better on a very important parameter, as they have three Grand Slam titles more than our player.

Federer also leads the number of weeks he spent at the helm of the ATP (310), but Novak could break that record in March.

If he managed to overtake them in the number of GS trophies, then there is no doubt what is the biggest race in the history of “white sports”.

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