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ARAPIN ADDRESSS SUCCESS: A rich sheik gave Dragan Mirkovic 200m euros for the castle, the singer sent him a UNIQUE MESSAGE! | Stars

Dragana Mirković and her husband Toni Bijelić did not want to sell a magnificent castle for which the wealthy Sheikh from the United Arab Emirates offered an incredible 200 million euros!

According to Kurir, this crowd was thrilled when he saw on the Internet a photo of the expensive Vienna building recently created during the celebration of the son of singer Marko Bijelić's 18th birthday. When he heard that Ebenfurth's castle dates from the Middle Ages and is of cultural and historical significance, it immediately contacts Dragan and exposes the purchase offer.

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– The people represented as representatives of the Sheikh Emirates were informed through the DM website that they are very interested in a castle belonging to Dragan and his wife, Tony. We did not know what was happening, so we asked them to clarify. The next day they wrote to us again, saying that Sheik is ready to pay 200 million euros to buy a castle at Ebenfurth – says our source.

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When Mirkovic heard of this enticing offer, surprised and surprised.

– Dragana originally believed that someone was joking, but we were convinced he was a really rich billionaire company. She told us then to write a response to which we thank for the interest, but that her family did not want to sell her castle for nine years. As far as I know, Dragana and Toni recently said that their priority was to complete the renovation of their castle and move on to it, so it is not surprising that they do not want to sell it. It is said that they have rented this castle for 100 years, but that is not true. The castle is permanently in their possession – our conversation was completed, while Dragan and her husband were unable to come.


Remember, when he became the owner of the enchanting castle, Dragana announced that the castle would be renovated.

– Renovation will take several years. As the building is under the protection of the state, it is necessary to follow the procedure. At the meeting with the mayor of Ebenfurth we agreed on projects and we are allowed to do whatever we want. The ground floor and the first floor will probably be open for visits to tourists when it suits us, while we will live on the second and third floors, the singer said.

Rich history


In the late 17th century, Maria Theresa, the only female ruler and last member of the Habsburg dynasty, frequently visited the Ebenfurth castle, where Mirkovic is particularly proud.

– For me, this castle has no physical value. There are more of them. It is a great feeling to walk in the rooms and walk down the stairs that went to Maria Theresia, as well as Berta von Sutner, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1905. She spent years in the castle every year. Our goal is to preserve this historic building – said Dragana.

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