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Ana Sevic sues his father Scott, here are the words that were critical! | Telegraph

– It is true that Anna will sue Scott's parents – said the singer's lawyer

Ana Sevic, Darko Lazic, parents

Darko Lazic's father, Milan Lazic, shot at Ana Sevic and said he was disappointed with his previous sail. According to him, the singer does not allow himself and his wife Branka to see the granddaughter Loren while their son is in the hospital.

– He may be angry when he says evil about it because it hurts the truth. The story is that it has good relationships with us and that's not true. He is not in touch with us and is trying to transfer it differently to the public. He deceived my son and everyone knows it. If she was a real woman she would not have separated. Come on, run. We all know when, what, and how much. This should not be said. He was embarrassed by me, "said Milan Lazic, adding:

– I did not disagree with her, but she tries to deceive everyone. I hear it travels all over the world. They are. She is a mean and dangerous woman. We denied everything because of our son, we understood and did not want to fight, and this tolerance costs us a lot – said Scor's father, who all recognized and just lost what he did not see as a grandchild.

Milan Lazić Photo: Nikola Tomić

– I called to hear the granddaughter and Ana changed the phone number and we can not get it. Her parents will not contact us. Her mother gave us a message that the child was not with them. I'm not fool to fuck me. They know my grandson would be happy to hear me. He would immediately tell me: "My grandfather, where is grandma, uncle, dad" and defend her. She is the grandfather of power and we all love her and Ani is honored to defend herself to come in contact with the child. Only my son will recover and all this will come to his own. Many things will change – Milan Lazic finished for "Kurir"

According to lawyer Ana Sevic, the singer intends to sue Dark's parents.

– It's true that Anna is going to sue Scott's parents. As an assistant to Ana Sevic, I will repeat what we sent a few days ago to all our editorial offices. Anyone who publishes false and unverified information about our client in the future will face the appropriate court proceedings and will have the proper consequences according to their own. This is the case here. Everyone will bring legal consequences for the demolition of fame, bringing false and fictitious information, as well as a hate speech against Ana Sevic, said the singer's lawyer for the Serbian Telegraph.

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