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ALL WHO WORK IN ANE SEVIK DOCK DRACO WILL MAKE HOSPITAL! The singer does not leave the case! (PHOTO) Stars

Darko Lazic is in KBC Zemun on October 23 and is struggling with serious injuries in a terrible car accident. Former husband Ana Sevic visits her regularly, telling her she can count on her for 24 hours, but Lorraine, who was married to a singer, says nothing about how the girl will not shake.

"I do everything in order not to figure it out, you do not have to know it, it's big enough to move it and it's small enough to figure out what's going on." Everyone is in the story and keeps it from anything I'm going to do to make her happy and smiling. "It asks for it, but it is customary to be out there, it is not present, I say it's on the road and that's it," he said. Ana is in the show with Ognjen Amidzic, where she first spoke publicly and openly about Dark's situation.

While Darko is a lion fighter, Ana takes care of their successor. The hunting team Paparaco pushed the singer to go to his daughter for the birthday of a child from where the nanny took over. Ana came to the car with the boy Danijela Nedeljkovic.

photo: print, paparaco hunt

The girl was careless and wore a balloon with her. Anna sent her little kisses all the time.

photo: print, paparaco hunt

"He is born a winner, I'm not sure, I'm sure of that," he said in the Amiga show, glad that besides the family, many friends and colleagues, the whole nation prayed for the treatment of Scorpio and sent it, sending it a positive energy.

photo: print, paparaco hunt

Ana and Darko have not been living in the marriage community for a year but have not yet officially divorced.

"Nothing has been signed yet, it has been delayed, we have reached an agreement immediately after the dissolution, and for some of the reasons it has not yet taken place," Ana Amija said.

photo: Ana Paunkovic, Damir Dervisagic Damir Dervishagic


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