Wednesday , June 23 2021

Youssou Ndour announced in Mecca, it is almost the end!

Interplanetary artist Youssou Ndour has already booked a pilgrimage to Mecca (July 17-22) after being convinced it was time to turn the page.

The announcement of the music break

Fortune: After Youssou Ndour, another African star denies ForbesSelected for you: Fortune: After Youssou Ndour, another African star denies Forbes

“(…) I will take a short break, when I say break it means that it will be difficult to see me the days I will come on stage. “For now, my music career, which is my passion, will be on hold,” said the vocal leader of the Super Etoile. Youssou Ndour, who did not elaborate on the length of the break, spoke to Futurs Médias’ “Guest of Price” program, an instrument of the “GFM” group.

He has already announced the release of three albums to support music lovers during this period, stating that these albums were edited while activities were at a standstill due to Covid-19.

Youssou Ndour announced in Mecca

Following the revelation of the serious Forbes magazine, ranking it as the head of the African fortune of Showbiz, the boss of the GFM Group has turned to the point of revolt against the reference magazine that, in the past, had sold the record of the Senegalese Gold or the most popular African singer on the planet.

During this announcement on TFM, Youssou Ndour may have announced his final stop. In fact, according to Critic, the Pope of Senegalese music will sacrifice one of the pillars of Islam, namely the pilgrimage to Mecca. Knowing that an El Hadji has to get out of the ordinary in Mecca, it is very likely that you will decide to book, for sure!

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