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We must forgive Eric Zemmour and Vincent Bolloré for thanking him (By Fodé Sylla)

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Fodé Sylla, Sabolien and former president of SOS Racisme, is backing Nicolas Leudière in the second round of municipal elections. (© DR)

Challenge more to earn more

“All smugglers are Senegalese” was the astonishing challenge that Eric Zemmour said on May 13 on Face à l’Info on CNews.

Eric Zemmour is a symptom of the defeat of thought. It exists only through its challenges. Practicing the challenge is easy. It is not an achievement of the mind but ease and laziness. The challenge is a mockery of vanity, but it is not fruitless. Eric Zemmour sells them.

We must therefore forgive Eric Zemmour because the values ​​of our harmony and brotherhood will always be stronger than the values ​​of Eric Zemmour.

They tell us about the future, about common joys and respect. They increase when Eric Zemmour’s challenges are lowered and, first, those who approve.

His challenges say a lot about Eric Zemmour. They never say anything about their goals.

We will forgive Eric Zemmour in advance of all his subsequent challenges, because every time they sign the defeat of his thought. His challenges, in order to remain heard, will always be more serious, offensive, contemptuous and therefore contemptuous.

So we forgive you and Vincent Bolloré can thank you.

CNews ratings are going well: between 700,000 and 900,000 viewers every night. A Bolloré housekeeper, Eric Zemmour, is paid for his challenges, he is a prisoner of the “cause more to earn more” logic. Mr Bolloré, how much do you pay for the insult? Spreading misfortune, is it “banking”?

Vincent Bolloré: Africa or Eric Zemmour;

Vincent Bolloré knows Africa well, there are many interests. He knows Senegal, the Tirailleurs, the Negritude of Senghor, the peaceful coexistence of Muslims and Catholics, Blacks and Whites. He knows that Eric Zemmour’s challenge is an insult to all of Senegal, France and Africa.

Vincent Bolloré knows he can count on us to stem the tide of anti-French sentiment backed by speeches on “colonial settlement”, “African looting”, “opacity of oil and port contracts” , “Racial violence” and images of the dead in their desperate attempts to cross the Mediterranean.

We know the dangers and dangers of anti-Western rhetoric. We meticulously take care to defend and maintain our connection with the Francophonie area, in a respectful and fruitful dialogue for all its actors.

Eric Zemmour’s anti-Western speeches and challenges have the same face. They are not enemies. They are allies. They are twins. Challenges in the Vincent Bolloré channel increase hostility to his activities in Africa.

The money you get from Africa cannot be used to fund insults against Africa. No one pays for an insult.

Vincent Bolloré can thank Eric Zemmour for his audience, he must now thank him for maintaining the collaboration and African work of his team.

We Africans have done our part: forgive him.

He, the businessman, has to do his part: thank you.

I can not think that one of the jewels of the French industry in Africa does not react quickly.

We forgive Eric Zemmour, but we do not forgive Vincent Bolloré.

Fodé Sylla

Former member of SOS racism

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