Thursday , January 28 2021

Trump gives the green light to the transition process to the Biden administration

More than two weeks after announcing his defeat in the US presidential election, Donald Trump gave the green light on Monday afternoon to open the process of transition to the Biden administration. • Read also: Joe Biden will appoint former Fed Chairman Janet Yellen to the Treasury Department as a stage that allows for a “peaceful and smooth transfer of power.”

The outgoing Republican president was careful not to immediately acknowledge the victory of Joe Biden, promising to continue a “fair fight” while multiplying the legal means, without success, to try to show fraud in the November 3 vote. “However, in the interest of our country, I suggest” the government body responsible for the transfer of power to do “what is necessary regarding the protocols and I asked my team to do the same,” he wrote on Twitter.

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This service, the GSA (General Services Administration), had previously sent a letter informing Joe Biden that the road was open for transit. The Trump administration must formally acknowledge that Joe Biden is the president-elect so that the Democratic transition team can begin receiving classified information and talking to groups in various ministries. “Due to recent developments involving legal remedies and certification of election results, I am bringing you this letter today to ensure that these resources and services are provided to you,” GSA boss Emily Murphy wrote in a letter released Monday afternoon. from various media. “Please note that I made this decision independently, based on the law and the facts at my disposal,” he continued. “I have never been pressured, directly or indirectly, by a person in charge of a part of the executive branch, whatever it is,” the White House or the GSA said, while insisting on “threats” against him. person, his family, his staff “and even his pets” due to the delay between the announcement of Mr Biden ‘s victory and the decision to the agency. The Group of Democrats immediately welcomed in a statement a step that provides “the next administration with the resources and support needed to implement a peaceful and smooth transfer of power.” This green light allows “the official opening of the federal transition process,” added Joe Biden’s team. With the GSA delayed, the president-elect still has no access, more than two weeks after the announcement of his victory, to information that has been classified as a defense secret on extremely sensitive US security issues, he said. . is the custom. He also failed to coordinate with Trump’s team to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed more than 256,000 people in the United States.

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