Strasbourg slows down the LOSC in the struggle for Europe


To impose a withdrawal from the Top 5 of League 1 or to reinforce the second position. These were the respective targets of Strasbourg and LOSC this Friday afternoon in this 26th day of League 1. Ninth at the kickoff, RCSA had indeed the opportunity to advance temporarily to fifth in the French league. On the contrary, the Dogues came to Meinau to get the three points and maintain their lead over Olympique Lyonnais, a few days after the loss of valuable points against Montpellier (0-0). To achieve this valuable success, Thierry Laurey put the 5-4-1 with Lala on the left. In the Lille ranks, Christophe Galtier held 4-2-3-1 and began Pied, Gabriel and Thiago Maia.

After a while of observation, Strasbourg, who left the Dogues, played the game, the locals had the first chance of the fight with a pass from Lala to Thomas who found him the small net out (11th). Despite this first warning, Christophe Galtier's men remained focused and then created the risk for the Sels goal. Served Pepe, Leao shot a shot shot that her Racing porter was outside the foot (21). Back, Pepe was unable to find the net with the wrapped shot (22nd). The visitors insisted and the top scorer of the LOSC saw his recovery fly to the side (31). Following these opportunities in Lille, Strasbourg responded headed by Ajorque to a Gonçalves center (32).

Anthony Gonçalves offers the draw to Racing

And while the two teams were still back to the back just a few minutes from the break, the LOSC unlocked the situation. Leao lifted his head and served perfectly to Ikoné. The Lille Wing was controlled and chained with a shot that Sels slightly departed, but the ball ended at the back of the net with the help of the post (42th, 0-1). Thanks to this goal, the second of the season in Ligue 1 for Ikoné, the visitors led to the half-time. As soon as he returned to the closet, the people of Strasbourg pressed to equalize. After a good header from Martinez over (54th), Thomasson armed a shot that also left the frame (56th). Each team then had the time and Lille was trying to break them. In a counterattack, Pepe fell to Sels (57th) while Bamba was unable to mislead the vigilance of Strasbourg's last tower (59th).

On the other hand, Christophe Galtier's players held out a lot of attack. And after a while, the LOSC broke. Lille's defense cleared the ball, which then returned to Gonçalves in the area. The French midfielder went ahead and shot a shot that Maignan could not get out (68th, 1-1). With this draw, visitors quickly moved forward to regain the advantage. "Bip-Bip" was then portrayed as Ikoné focuses on Pepe. The latter followed the ball to Bamba, whose shot was dismissed at the last minute by an opponent (72). Since then the two teams have tried to reach the opposite surface, but opportunities have been increasingly rare. At the end of the race, Strasbourg played the game against the dogs that were running against. The two teams did not score and then split into this draw (1-1).


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