Saturday , September 25 2021

“Serigne Touba was never anything but” a slave of God and a servant of the Prophet “”

For the sermon of 2021 on the occasion of Eid-El-Kébir, the general of the Caliph of the Murids, Serigne Mountakha Mbacké, preferred to speak of Serigne Touba, identifying him among the creatures so that no one would ignore him.

This after the daily prayer led, as usual, Serigne Fallou Mbacké Ibn Serigne Abdou Khadre and the presence of several religious leaders, including the representative of Serigne Bassirou Mbacké Abdou Khadre.

Thus, the Patriarch of Darou Miname will make it clear that Serigne Touba always presented himself as a slave of God and a servant of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). As a result, he never wasted any time in his life doing anything other than worshiping God and working for His Messenger.

During the process, Serine Mountaka will ask students to try to look like him as much as possible. “Meet Serigne Touba and try to follow him. He did what he had to do. This is what we have to do. It is up to us to know him. It is related to our duty. To worship God.”

He continues: “There are many earthly ties. But Serigne Touba never gave way in his life to worldly things. He has turned his back on the world of reflections. If we want to follow him, we must worship him. principle and block Satan so that he does not penetrate us. ”

Serigne Mountakha Mbacké Bassirou will also invite Muslims to respect fear and the pursuit of knowledge before recalling that his will is to remain attached to the Sheikh forever. “We have an interest in mobilizing our minds and hearts towards God. Our salvation depends on it (…). I repeat my faith in Serigne Touba. It is between the status of a slave of God and that of his servant the Prophet ()Λ) ”

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