Tuesday , March 2 2021

Schedule of the first round of return


After the first leg he played last week, the first qualifying round of the U23 2019 can be found on this schedule on Tuesday with return races.

Leopard of the PRC under 23 years of age receive their counterparts from Rwanda, Amavubi, at the Pentecostal Witnesses stage. In the first leg, the two teams could not decide 0-0. A trap rating for the wild Congo wild animals, which must urgently win the return leg to advance to the next round of qualifiers for the U23 CAN 2019. Having made it harder on the first leg (3-0 ), Cameroon moves calmly in Chad. Winning under control (1-1) in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso is in danger from Niger. Guinea is the favorite at home against Mauritania (2-1 win in the first leg).

As a reminder, 13 options are not excluded from the first round of U23 CAN: South Africa, Algeria, Congo, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tunisia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The program of the first round of returning qualifiers on Tuesday (in brackets, the result of the first leg)

Chad-Cameroon (0-3)

Rwanda (0-0)

Guinea-Mauritania (2-1)

South Sudan-Uganda (0-1)

Niger-Burkina Faso (1-1)

Eswatini-Mozambique (0-0)

Malawi-Botswana (1-2)

Tanzania-Burundi (0-2)

São Tomé Equatorial Guinea (1-1)

Somalia-Ethiopia (0-4)

Sudan-Seychelles (1-1)

You already played

Mauritius 1-3 Kenya (0-5)

The double race Ghana-Togo will be held on 18 and 22 December.

Libya and Angola are already certified according to the Gambia and Namibia packages.

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