Thursday , April 15 2021

Reug Reug after his victory: “Gni gneup ma lène meun … nagn ma djok heavyweights yi”

Winner of the Swiss Patrick Schmid last night, Reug Reug thanked God immediately after his fight and claims the “real” heavyweight of MMA.

“I thank the good Lord for this victory. “I promised a victory and everything I say I do,” Reug Reug said in the ring in the post-match interview that fans could watch live on

The Senegalese arena champion defeated Smith, a Kickboxing specialist and Muay Thai, in 1m4848 seconds with a technical knockout. “All the wrestlers I have been given since I started MMA, I am stronger than them. I want to be given the heavyweights now “, insisted Reug Reug who has finished proving himself in the MMA scene.

It is therefore certain that Reug Reug will be able to land a big name ONE Championship for his next match, while he waits why not participate in the UFC.

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