Thursday , July 29 2021

Real Madrid would have completed the arrival of a first ancient winter

As the 2019 World Cup qualifiers are approaching in the end, several options have already ratified their tickets. Others can do it on the fifth day, which will be held this weekend.

In Group B, Morocco has not yet validated his ticket but can do so in case of victory against Cameroon. The Atlas Lions are still under pressure from Malawi, 3rd in the 4-point group.

Gabon accepts Mali with Group C shock. Both teams follow Burundi in the standings, which still dreams of a qualifying in the final round. The struggle of Togo-Algeria will also be of the utmost importance. Both teams.

Other shocks to be followed: Guinea-Côte d'Ivoire and Tunisia-Egypt …

The program:

Group A:
Saturday, November 17:
Equatorial Guinea vs. Senegal

Sunday, November 18:
Madagascar v Sudan

Ranking: Senegal 10 points (qualifiers), Madagascar 10 points (qualifiers), Equatorial Guinea 3 points, Sudan 0 pt

Group B:
Friday November 16:
Morocco vs. Cameroon

Saturday, November 17:
Comoros vs. Malawi

Ranking: Cameroon 8 points, Morocco 7 points, Malawi 4 points, Comoros 2 points

Group C:
Friday November 16:
South Sudan v. Burundi

Saturday, November 17:
Gabon vs. Mali

Ranking: Mali 8 points, Gabon 7 points, Burundi 6 points, South Sudan 0 π

Group D:
Saturday, November 17:
Gambia vs. Benin

Sunday, November 18:
Togolese against Algeria

Ranking: Algeria 7 points, Benin 7 points, Togo 5 points, Gambia 2 points,

Group E:
Saturday, November 17:
South Africa vs. Nigeria

Ranking: Nigeria 9 points, South Africa 8 points, Libya 4 points, Seychelles 1 pt

Group F:
Sunday, November 18:
Ethiopia against Ghana
Kenya in Sierra Leone

Rank: Kenya 7 points (4m), Ethiopia 4 points (4m), Ghana 3 points (2m), Sierra Leone 3 points (2m)

Group Z:
Sunday, November 18:
Congo in DR Congo
Liberia against Mozambique

Ranking: Zimbabwe 8 points, SV Congo 5 points, Congo 4 points, Liberia 4 points,

Group H:
Sunday, November 18:
Rwanda vs Central African Republic
Guinea in Côte d'Ivoire

Ranking: Guinea 10 points, Ivory Coast 7 points, Central African Republic 4 points, Rwanda 1 pt

Group I:
Sunday, November 18:
Angola vs. Burkina Faso
Mauritania against Botswana

Ranking: Mauritania 9 points, Burkina Faso 7 points, Angola 6 points, Botswana 1 pt

Group J:
Friday November 16:
Egypt 17:00 Tunisia

Sunday, November 18:
Swaziland vs. Niger

Ranking: Tunisia 12 points (qualifiers), Egypt 9 points (qualifiers), Swaziland 1 pt, Niger 1 pt

Group K:
Saturday, November 17:
Namibia in Guinea Bissau

Sunday, November 18:
Mozambique vs Zambia

Rank: Guinea Bissau 7 points, Namibia 7 points, Mozambique 4 points, Zambia 4 points

Group L:
Saturday, November 17:
Uganda vs. Cape Verde

Sunday, November 18:
Lesotho against Tanzania

Rank: Uganda 10 points, Tanzania 5 points, Cape Verde 4 points, Lesotho 2 points

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