Wednesday , June 23 2021

One year in prison against journalist Pape Ndiaye is required

XALIMANEWS: The prosecution has demanded a year of strict imprisonment against the journalist and columnist of the Walf court, Pape Ndiaye.
According to Emediasn, who was taken over by xalima, the accused at the bar denied the facts, arguing that it was a loan and that he never undertook to release anyone, contrary to the allegations of the political party that complains that it had eaten a 500,000 FCFA in in exchange for intervention to secure the release of a relative.
Despite Pape Ndiaye’s denials, the prosecution does not and remains convinced that he used fraudulent means to collect the money. The mastermind of the prosecution is comforted in his position by the fact that the money transfers took place in the office of the accused.
A money problem was confirmed, according to the prosecutor, by WhatsApp exchanges between Pape Ndiaye and Mrs. Ndèye Awa Ndir, claiming her money (CFA 500,000) from the defendant.
Pape Ndiaye’s response did not last long. He strongly claims that “this message on WhatsApp has nothing to do with the promise of release”, adding that “intermediate messages have been deleted”.
The trial continues. The journalist, who has been detained since May 12, was pledged by prominent lawyers Me Ciré Clédor Ly and Me Moussa Sarr to defend him, while political parties withdrew. Recalling, in addition to Ndèye Awa Ndir, another person was involved in the case to claim the sum of one million CFA francs.
Me Sarr wondered about the rejection of the mediation claim, stressing that he had presented the sum of CFA 1.5 million in damages.

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