Saturday , October 16 2021

Montpellier falls to Angers, the green chained house – Ligue 1

Anders-Montpellier 1-0
Angers: R.Thomas (69th)
Despite the desire of both formations to produce the game and attack, the
the first period was not rich in opportunities. SCO and MHSC are over
the first 45 minutes of a tie. In the second half, the rain
he appeared. The rhythm has become less important. But SCO knew
make the difference. In the 69th minute, at a corner right, Romain
Tomas perfectly cut the ball trajectory in the first place at
open the score. At the end of the fight, Montpellier pressed to grab the point
of the draw. However, Angevins kept the score for
get three points. This victory allows them to return to the 12th
instead. Montpellier goes to 3rd place!

Nimes-Nice 0-1
Nice: Y.Atal (61st)
Nimes lost the boat early in the game. In the 5th minute, Boozok
had the opportunity to open the penalty shootout after a foul at Thioub in
surface. But the striker Nîmes did very bad and Bénitez went perfectly
intervened to save his team. And at the 20th minute, it was Mawasa
was blocked for a second yellow card after another dangerous foul after one
ball loss. The advancing club found itself outdated. And it was not
did not pass because in the extra time of the first season, Landre also
was eliminated for a huge foul in Atal. Defender Nimes has literally
cut the Nice side. Nimes was 9 at 11! In the second
Nice has made the difference in the time of the game
left, Atal, in the white position, gave his own scoring a goal
great for the resumption of volleyball (61e). Niçois have been imposed
to the smallest margins. A victory that allows them to return to the 6th
position of the ranking. Nim falls to 14th, but the club
promoted showed great generosity this Saturday night.

St. Etienne-Reims 2-0
St Etienne: M. Debbuschi (1st), G. Hayri (40th)
ASSE made a good start in the race. From the first minute to one
free hit by Khazri, Mathieu Debuchy rose higher than all
to put an unstoppable head and thus to open the score. Exactly before
Push, the Stephans have pushed the nail. Selnaes regained the ball in the field
Reims camp before serving Khazri on the surface. The green striker has
perfectly crossed the shot to record his goal break (40th).
In the second half, Rémois tried everything to reduce the signal. But the
Stefani were superior. The Jean-Louis Gasset players could have put themselves ahead after their attack
the score but Saint-Etienne's attackers were not effective. With this
the success is worth, the Greens confirm their 5th place. Reims, who remained
in two successes, is now 9th.

Toulouse-Amiens 0-1
Amiens: A. Blin (28th)
After a good start in the Toulouse fight, the Amiens did
woke up displaying more to the opposing camp. And in the 28th
minute, Alexis Blinne made one or two with Goddos and then back to the goal before
to hit the ground at the entrance of the surface to open the score against it
old team. After the break, Toulouse pushed to equalize. in
the last fifteen minutes of play, Alain Casanova's men took on themselves
many opportunities, mainly thanks to Max Gradel, who is ubiquitous
last minutes. The captain of Toulouse could equate himself
the extra time, initially in a head left by Gurtner,
then on an acrobatic return that is treated by the amiénoise defense. end,
Amiens wins (0-1) for the first time of the season away. one
a success that allows club picard (16th) to distance himself
the red belt. Toulouse (15th) continues the downhill ranking.

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