Madagascar, Hery, an isolated president with a record of corruption


Madagascar is a new beginning? (1). The outgoing Head of State, the candidate of the succession, is not fond of Andry Rajoelina and Marc Ravalomanana's "ghosts".

Madagascar State Governor Hery Rajaonarimampianina, at the press conference of President Antananarivo, April 29, 2018.
Madagascar State Governor Hery Rajaonarimampianina, at the press conference of President Antananarivo, April 29, 2018.

The time of vengeance has come. The 2013 presidential election prohibited Andry Rajoelina and Marc Ravalomanana from waiting for each other for five years while keeping the road, which could only be a substitute competitor. definitely without ambitions. But Hery Rajaonarimampianina does not intend to return to the sidelines. In Madagascar's turbulent political history, it is fairly rare after fulfilling its constitutional mandate, and the discreet and ever self-conscious accountant repeatedly invites the vote. The first round of presidential elections will take place on November 7th. After the sixth birthday. With these three former presidents, thirty-eight other, most unknown persons appear.

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Madagascar is a new beginning?

Everyone promises to have better days. But under the bright jacaranda flowers that make Antananarivo almost light, the shadows of the past have still not gone away. No one has forgotten the bloody riots in 2009 that led to the departure of Marc Ravalomanana and the transition of the young captain of the capital, Andry Rajoelina's army, in the dark period, which lasted four years.

Raising the Washington police

International financial institutions and other donors are boycotting, the Indian Ocean is again in crisis. Returns cost: the exclusion of two troublemakers from the 2013 electoral process. And "Héry," as usual, calls him to bypass the nineteen letters of his last name, who won the support of Andry Rajoelina, who had been Minister of Finance for several years. But instead of following Putin-Medvedev's scenario, former Professor of National Institute of Accounting and Industry (Iscae) frees himself from "DJ" that he has never been much appreciated. Risk Betting.

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In Madagascar, launch an election campaign marked by the "ex" fight

In August IMF representative Patrick Imam gave a long interview The Madagascar Express, in which he welcomed the journey: "From where we are and considering where we are going, there is still a significant change" stressed the banker – decorated with the national order of command rank. The institution is expecting a 5% growth this year, "The strongest ten years". With the assassination of the Washington police officer, Hery is convinced that his record can help her differentiate her opponents. Did not assure foreign promises, which amounted to $ 6.4 billion (€ 5.6 billion) to fund their priorities?

He launched the campaign on this line by focusing on a return to greater balance, higher spending on social sectors, launching infrastructure programs … for example, with a decrease in the poverty rate "92%" that "Less than 70%". This interest rate, which, according to the World Bank's latest data, was 78% in 2012, remained almost unchanged. If Madagascar returned to a small boom, it was primarily the benefit of urban minorities and the business community, digging a little more of the flood, separating them from a poor crowd that is still getting impoverished by rising prices, ranging from rice.

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Hery Rajaonarimampianina: In Madagascar: "we can not correct so much poverty in five years"

Anyway, much more will be needed to maintain the island's transformation plan, which it proposes to Madagascar. According to the program called Fisandratana 2030, the GDP of the country – with two per capita income – needs to be reduced by three to reduce the proportion of the poor to one quarter of the population … This would mean that the two-digit growth is rapidly reached. During the 2013 campaign, Hery promised to solve the power supply of the national electricity company Jirama in three months. Madagascar did not forget. Five years later, the situation will only improve.

"Rats leave the ship"

Without a political base, with a party – Hery Vaovan's Madagascar (HVM) – hastily preparing for a few months before the 2013 election and unable to bring its people into the congregation, Hery had to deal with weak coalitions in her assignments with small parties going to avoid Andry Rajoelina's trial. According to the Constitution, in Mapar, in the majority of the Assembly, he actually returned from the post of Prime Minister. As a result, five prime ministers were successful before the Constitutional Supreme Court ordered the President to withdraw from the crisis triggered by the reform of electoral laws in April, formed a consensual government and convened a preliminary vote.

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"Madagascar is the only country that has been poor for sixty years without experiencing a war"

"Increasing differences in HVM show that the meetings were only indirect.Now that Rajoelina and Ravalomanana have returned, the rats leave the ship, he remembers a politologist who would rather keep his anonymity. The fact that many of the prime ministers and ministers of the outgoing Head of State run against it is another sign of this dissatisfaction.

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"I did not account for the accounts" in Madagascar, says Andry Rajoelina

The former finance minister of the transition is also criticized because he does not want the fight against the great corruption that the political and economic elite exerts on the robbery of natural resources or the diversion of state resources. "Hery is smart, rational, but he does not know how to make a decision and is difficult to say." This version, given by a diplomat who has dealt a lot with sensitive issues such as the sale of rosewood in China, is the least serious for the outgoing president. The others are curious about the relationships that make it possible to support "rosary" actors such as Jean-Pierre Laisoa or Bekasy John Fringe in 2013. Amnesty International summarized what everyone knows here: only the poor people in prisons, in the cruel report presented at Antananarivo on October 18.

To postpone the first round of elections, the outgoing Head of State hopes to live in the countryside, traditionally loyal to power, and where most of the population continues. Despite the spirits of 2013, however, it is far from yours.


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