Macky Sall's response to his opponents' attacks


The closure session of candidate Macky Sall knew the world at the Leopold S├ędar Senghor Stadium where the fighters and their leader had an appointment. Macky Sall, the presidential candidate, took the line to Idrissa Seck and Ousmane Sonko who nominated him during their fight.

"Unlike others, we have a history and a vision," said Macky Sall. To reassure thousands of activists and activists strongly mobilized on both the lawn and the kiosks. He will remind them that he had traveled 6,100 kilometers to Senegal, made 38 meetings, like many caravans, and visited all countries and territories to meet the people.

His file refused to mention it again. "I will not talk about the balance sheet, because even birds and trees control it. We are in time of action and reality. We do not have the time, "he said before calling on the Senegalese to go to the polls early Sunday, ensuring that the army will take the appropriate measures to secure votes throughout the country.


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