Wednesday , August 4 2021

In Tivaouane, Macky Sall reaffirms his willingness to support Muslim fraternities

The President of the Republic, Mr Macky Sall, confirmed on Wednesday in Tivaouane his willingness to support Muslim fraternities and Islam, as he is in the business, noted APS.

Visiting the religious city, as a prelude to celebrating the birth of Prophet Muhammad (PSL), Macky Sall, accompanied by his wife Marième Faye Sall and a delegation of ministers, Prime Minister Mahamad Boun Abdallah Dionne in the direction of deputies, Engér others, arrived just after 18 hours in the amphitheater of the band he realized.

«»Reaffirm my intention to support fraternities and Islam as long as I am there"He spoke in Wolof, the head of state in a packed house, built as part of the program of modernizing religious cities.

The President also announced, without further details, the execution of other works in Tivaouane and other religious cities in the country.

Regarding the arrangements for the organization of the Gamou program scheduled for Sunday, the head of the state noted that the government is doing everything possible to cover all the needs related to the organization expressed by Kalifis of Tidiana.

These demands are meant to satisfy the faithful who come to Tivaouane and not the caliph himself, he said, not without the desire of khalif Mbaye Sy Mansour, to bring happiness to the tidiane fraternity, the time he would spend on his head.

Macky Sall took the gravity of the event to pay tribute to the predecessor of the current Caliph, the late Abdul Aziz Sy Al Amine, whom he praised. He underlined the particular mobilization caused by the celebration in Senegal of Maouloud, whose name in this country is linked to that of the city of Tivaouane.

Kalifis of Tianan, who had many of his family members at his side, told the president his satisfaction with what he did for Tibouan and about the realization of this adventurous event in Elhadji. Malick Sy, who has shown the spread of Gamou.

He prayed for a lasting peace that makes Senegal famous, calling everyone to work in this direction, cultivating a sense of respect for others, humility and forgiveness.

«»Senegal knew only goodness ""He said, believing that what was going on,the property will not leave Senegal"In view of the actions of his devout ancestors.

Representative Halif, Pope Malick Sy, for his part, regretted the incidents, slander, murder and indifference that occurred in the country, saying there are solutions.

«»Peace is words and deeds"However, the enthralling religious guide said, concluding with a verse from the Qur'an calling for a trial that, if it does, will not only affect the unjust among the people.


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