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Hefffest 2019: Knolfest Fills – Current Britain


The Hellfest 2019 kicked off on Thursday night with Knotfest, the Slipknot festival. A first that our expert correspondent OlivDuff did not lose. Or almost … For this event before the hour, Americans will repeat repeatedly that this is the first Knotfest in Europe and I thank Hellfest for this collaboration. The release must be reproduced in world views!

The Hellfest 2019 started with:

Sick of all 16:30 – 17:00
Amaranthe 5:15 pm – 5:55 pm
Ministry 18h – 18h40
Behemoth 6:45 pm – 7:30 pm
Papa Roach 19:35 – 20:20
Powerwolf 8:25 pm – 9:10 pm
Rob Zombie 21:15 – 22:15
Amon Amarth 22:20 – 23:20
Slipknot 23h25 – 00h55
Sabaton 01h – 02h

For us it was a plane delayed 30 minutes, then the bus to the station, then TER to Clisson (why should we avoid the road and prefer the rails). Result: I will lose much of Knotfest.

The weather is perfect, the organization is still wet (normal is not the first edition, but the 14th!), I'm getting into the region fast!

I arrive at 21:00 at the Main Stage, at the end of it Powerwolf, German Power Metal band and great thing I can go to the Main Stage courtyard !!!!

We must remember that we are one Thursday night, also entering Knotfest
not included, will have to pay 66,60 € more to get to the festival
participate in this festival at the festival. I see many festivals-visitors
who will have in their arms only the Knotfest bracelet, so that its festivals-visitors
in the evening … we'll discuss it later …

I also quickly understand that Knotfest a little lately because I did
takes full advantage of it We drink your blood the last
set song, and the next group will start at 9:25 pm

Welcome to the zombie show!

9:25 pm Rob Zombie, American Metal Group. Robert is a touch of everything (singer, director) and I had the opportunity to see him at Rockhal in Luxembourg, he had made the show and I can not wait to see what he is preparing tonight. We're starting Meet the hawk, then is the fire on the scene (and the pit) with Superbeast, Rob is also talking about "Welcome to the zombie show! Just before going to" Living a dead girl. With his own universe and his talent for the picture, our band always gives clips and videos … Rob Zombie what! (Living Dead Girl will be silhouettes of naked dancers). Rob will come out of his walkabout (walking on the railing of the pit) More human than humans. He may be 54 years old, has the form, he gives a crazy energy, hat!

Just before Get high, Rob will tell us that " Whenever
Come here, Hellfest is the best festival
(Finally Knotfest).

We continue Dead City radio and the new Supertown gods to be continued
widely known by the audience!

I really like videos and scenery when we remember
our position on the battlefield over the past year
Iron Maiden tells me that I'm "in parvi" is very crazy, but
more for a long time …

Get Your Boots! and the team changed their clothes as I left
that the giant horns have reached the Main Stage 2 it announces the arrival
next to Vikings …

The tracks follow each other, then we have the show of his trailer
the next film (produced and directed!) by Rob Zombie, titled 3
From hell
(including with cast Danny Trejo) who will release this
22h18 the set ends Sweetheart the audience is pleased!

Among the sets we expect in the music (stunning!), And the audience gets in
heart Run the hills Iron Maiden!

I have the opportunity to stay ahead, but between the two main scenes, so
so it's not badly positioned noose.

Round 2 of the Viking race

22:30 the SwedesAmon Amarth come on the stage! Night
has fallen right now, the breeze is cool and I'm almost cold.

That these Swedes are huge, remember the fellow who under my eyes
surprised looked at me (above) saying "we are vikings you know
! ".

We also have a right to a big show with Viking races
scene The way of the Vikings, then it will come Crack The Sky,
Death in the fire,
then singer Johan Hegg asks us to "pick up
your shields! »Before you start Shield wall, in the passage
is round 2 of the Viking fight and I also watch some fighters
on the shore to the audience. It is night, the day must have been long (and soaked)
the breeze is so cool that I almost regret you did not get it
sweatshirt! fortunately Guardians of Asgard there is for
fire in the proper sense with pyrotechnic results!

Johann will ask us to "pick up horns", the whole team will increase
the horn and the skål! »Dry ass!

We then suppose a snake appearing behind the drummer,
really a beautiful scenery game!

Twilight of God of Thunder is the end of the set, the Vikings
we will have transferred to Asguard at the time of a wonderful smiley set
and energy!

This time we will be waiting for Metallia's Harvester of Sorrow (while
my new neighbor tells his friends: "Is not Pantera?", his friends get
you cheated him), then welcome to the jungle of arms and roses.

A beer bowl lands

11:40 am we left for the big part of the evening noose where
will repeat several times that this is the first Knotfest in Europe and
I thank Hellfest for this collaboration. Surely this will happen again why
There were many people this Thursday night. The team will play more than 1:30,
their festival is normal!

The public is forced to turn right towards Main Stage 1, that
pushes, continues, begins to become less pleasant ?

I take advantage of these first moments to admire the huge scene, people
= Shit, (sic),
but above Take this a cup of beer
(This we, water them, we hoped) lands us, the
originally defeated from front go back but still presses.
It's full of energy in the audience, it's good (it's warming me), but that
has a problem to chute. Definitely one-night celebrations …

This is the reason for Corey Taylor the frontman should intervene shouting
30-40 seconds rarely for the marked ones.

For my part, I exploited a series of devastating things for me and to try, I
say well try to climb like salmon on the field.

I know the world, for one Thursday night (66.6 € more) is
impressive to see that Hellfest (ultimately Knotfest) is a huge success.

I take the opportunity to observe the new features of the space: lighting, spaces for
eat "standing" (instead of big tables), the wheel
always proves so much and amazing PERSON thing at Merch … still at 21:00
there was already a striking line … I approached … "Merch
closes at 00h ", like all the rest, for this Thursday night
Knotfest's many shops and restaurants are now closed! (y
including the media area, I have to make the big turn to get to the exit).

Hellfest is not a sprint but a marathon

I'll wait Duality before you take the exit for
good, very bad for Sabatonto go to sleep around 1 am
Hellfest is not a sprint but a marathon! In the passage I see a life
impressive in Hellcity Square, many people still drink and drink
eat … there are some who are not yet ready to go to bed ah ah!

In the pass we will learn this Friday morning (as I wrote this Live
Report) Manowar, but one of the 5 teams that existed
which was announced at the end of Hellfest 2018 as a return, canceled his performance !!!
The only information given (from Hellfest, because Manowar currently has nothing
said), is that the team was present yesterday in the area, but left …
this episode, which will upset many people, will surely stop
discusses whether Manowar is Metal or not … #glam

We will see you tomorrow for the most complete Hellfest Day 1 report
with Ludo G. as a boost! (You must be two to cover more than
scenes and groups …).

From our special gift OlivDuff

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