Tuesday , May 11 2021

government sets presidential and legislative elections in early 2022 – Rewmi.com

The next presidential and legislative elections in Mali will be held in February and March 2022, the military-dominated transitional authorities said on Thursday. At the end of October 2021, a referendum will be held on the constitutional reform, with the aim of returning power to the citizens after the coup last August.

The Mali army should have returned power to the people by mid-2022. The military-dominated transitional authorities unveiled on Thursday (April 15th) the election calendar that will leave the period leading up to the August 18th coup.

The first rounds of the presidential and legislative rounds will take place on February 27, 2022, and possibly second rounds on March 13 and 20, respectively, said in a press conference the Minister of Territorial Administration, Lieutenant General Abdullahi Maga. This double vote takes place “in the strict framework of respect for the duration of the transition, ie 18 months,” he stressed.

The presidential and legislative elections will be preceded on October 31 by a referendum that will allow the revision of the Constitution, which has long been promised but never implemented.

“This date takes into account the necessary time (since April) for consultations, the preparation of the draft Constitution, its approval by the National Transitional Council (CNT, which acts as Parliament), and finally its approval by referendum. “, Explained Abdoulaye Maïga. Regional and local elections are also scheduled for December 26, the minister said.

The announcement of an election calendar was eagerly awaited by the international community and has been the subject of much debate for months in Bamako, especially about the ability or willingness of the transitional authorities to organize it.

Under pressure, especially from West African countries, the colonels who overthrew President Ibrahim Bubakar Kita on August 18, 2020, set up transitional bodies last September-October (presidency, prime minister and government, legislature) and pledged to return to power. within 18 months.

In February, in a speech on general policy, the Prime Minister of the transitional government, Moktar Owan, tried to assure: “All means will be applied for the organization, within the agreed deadlines, free and transparent elections”, he had – confirmed in front of him CNT, directed by Military Showcase.

Mali’s international partners, who in a few weeks had marked the overthrow of President Ke καιta and the creation of these new institutions in the name of the necessary stability in a country plagued by ten years of war, have recently put pressure on Bamako’s powerful

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