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Google moves from search engine to search engine


On Google, users are satisfied with the first answer and are making fewer inquiries.

(CCM) – Everyone knows that Google's main activity remains the one you see when you open your main website: is a search engine. However, there is an amazing basic trend in using Google: more and more motor users are satisfied with the answer provided by Google and do not even make real searches.

Rand Fishkin, a global SEO expert, conducted a study (link) on Google survey in the US in the first quarter. Overall, the US version of Google would have recorded more than 150 billion requests. And in this whole, it's amazing, 48.96% of users do not click on any link after entering the search.

If we distinguish the mobile from the office, the difference is even more obvious: 61.2% of cell phone searches have not clicked, compared to only 34.7% on desktop. Another almost disturbing detail 6.01% of clicks on a search link on a site owned by Google. Hence, only 45.03% of clicks (organic or paid) return outside of the Google ecosystem.

What does this mean; First of all, many users are satisfied with Google's first response. This may make sense if you are looking for, for example, time of day, song lyrics or quick information. But that also means that many Internet users will receive the first information displayed for cash and will not check on their own.

An increasing trend in recent years, which should continue Google will be increasingly positioned as a "response machine" and no longer as a real search engine. In the rage of website publishers, who will have to spend even more on Google to have visits to their own content … It is clear that Google is increasingly crashing the Internet.

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