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Friendly: Brazil's success against Cameroon

Although more applied and attractive than in the Netherlands, the French team rationally dominated Uruguay on Tuesday for her last outing in 2018 (1-0). A great way to end a calendar year with a world champion title.

The report

The Blues had an obstacle to be forgiven before the end of the year. This is done with a victory against Uruguay on Tuesday in a friendly (1-0), with a minimalist score that does not really reflect the quality of the copy made at Stade de France. Because Didier Deschamps' men showed a totally different face than what they showed on Friday in the Netherlands (2-0), they brought back a defeat that eventually destroyed their obstruction from League Four's Final Four. Even more troubling and defensive in the defensive phase, including strong midfield pressure and Rami-Sakho's modular association for its first union since 2013 (as when Presnel Kimpembe replaced the latter in half), the French admitted the only honest opportunity at 83rd minute.

An excellent mark after being shot on the shovel in the last three games and scored 6 goals in the last four games. This time, Hugo Lloris was unemployed and would certainly not complain. The return to 4-2-3-1, after 150 minutes at 4-3-3 after Germany's victory in mid-October (2-1), has also restored fluidity to the painful blues game. After Tanguy Ndombele and Antoine Griezmann in the baton, the French made great moves, often with a touch. Making Uruguay stunned is often delayed and deserving of the advantage before the break if Kylian Mbappé had not harvested two face to face, one of whom won him for injury after just half an hour.

Final delivery came back from the cupboard and the Blues continued to push the accelerator before dropping the foot in the last quarter of an hour, under the influence of physical fatigue and many changes. They then regret the fact that they did not have better negotiating conflicting situations to escape due to a lack of better transition phases, which could also be costly due to the Uruguay abandonment. But Celeste, as in the quarterfinals of the last World Cup, did not have the weapons to really worry about these French. Who put a good end to a 2018 year he deserved, with this world champion title last summer.

The movie of the fight

4th minute
Mbappé makes a difference on the full shaft before opening to the left of a beautiful cross for Matuidi. The middle of the Blues contacts Giroud, who throws himself to continue. But the Chelsea striker does not find the frame in a closed corner.

15th minute
In the fall of a distant balloon in which Giroud was overturned, Griezmann started the Mbappé perfectly at the bottom of a wonderful left-hand outdoor. The aggressive PSG Laxalt in the fight and stands alone against Campana. But he loses his massacre against the Uruguayan goalkeeper and loses his skeleton a lot.

29th minute
Ndombele finds a light pass to start Mbappé on the offside limit. Bleus's striker is pushing his ball for his behavior and stumbling into Campana, the author of an authoritarian exit at his feet. The former Monaghac is also a great fear to fall on his right shoulder.

52th minute (1-0)
Penalty for the Blues. After a fine collective action, the Ndombele center for F.Mendy, which gives the full stance for Griezmann. He throws to get back, is dealt with by Mendez before regaining his chance and M.Caceres opposes the hand to avoid the goal. The referee whistles reasonably and Giroud converts the penalty kick by placing the ball in Campana's small net and on the right side.

69th minute
Another wonderful French sequence, starting with a F.Mendy heellade for Ndombele. Mean Griezmann, who turns and delivers a beautiful sphere defending his partner's defense. Ndombele ahead of Campana's exit, but stumbles at Uruguayan goalkeeper.

73th minute
Shifted to the right after a very clean ball lift of the French, Thauvin addresses a center of law. But it unscrews and this ball turns into shooting, which is not far from the popular Campana. The goalkeeper of Celeste saves the ball, his fingers in front of the goal line.

83th minute
Finally, an opportunity for Uruguay. Eccentric on the right, Cavani back to his left leg and delivers a beautiful ball to the back of French defense for J.Rodriguez, covered by Pavard's side. Celeste's aggressive midfielder is trying to volley shortly but busts and Lloris grabs the ball. Great fear for the Blues.

Peaks and flops


Ndombele he used his first term to prove that his talent had everything to transpose internationally. He made a perfect match, both in volume and in technical precision. Excellent also in his prediction, which is the trigger of the penalty action, after a pleasant pass for Mbappé and before a ball ball slowly the game.

As a partner in OL, F.MENDY had a great chance to win points to settle in the French team and grab him. Clean defensively, the left side has won by multiplying the overflows and showing a large ball on the foot. Personality and an already interesting agreement with Matuidi as well as with Griezmann.

Unless proven otherwise, Griezmann is the boss of the world champions and there is no reason to question the 4-4-2 as it is. Exiled on the one hand in the Netherlands, the attacking Atletico Madrid found the axis with happiness against Uruguay. He organized the French offensives with great talent and emerged as a metronome in the game. Grand Seigneur leaving the sentence to Giroud.


As in the World Cup Quarterfinals, L.SUAREZ he did not explain the end of Uruguay's assault on the Blues. The three central defenders who managed to spot him left him no room for maneuver and he was disappointed because he did not know what to do with his ammunition. One day without the Barcelona striker.

If Uruguay suffers so much at this meeting, it is because of it Torreira-F.Valverde took the water in the middle. Both men had chewed from Ndombele and N. Kanté, having little effect on the recovery of the ball and failing to release pressure to send good first raises. It is difficult for Celeste to exist in these circumstances.

Outside the center on the right, an unusual position for him, Bentancur he really does not weigh the events in his corridor. And when he chose to focus on touching balloons in a place where they are more comfortable, he rarely used them. The best when it went to the slow game recovery, but a stop often to the limit.

Referee for reporting

A fierce fight by DeVir Skomina, who regularly made the right decisions in the game and gave a reasonable penalty to the Blues early in the second period. Work well, including the warnings delivered to Uruguay late in the game.

Match card

Friendly / FRANCE – Uruguay: 1-0

Stade de France (70,000 viewers around)
Cold weather – hard turf
arbitrator : M.Skomina (Slovenia / 5)

goal : Giroud (52nd sp) for France

warnings : Griezmann (92nd) for France – Bentancur (79th) and Mendez (82rd) for Uruguay

deportation : None

Lloris (upper limit) (5) – Pavard (5), Rami (6), Mr Sakho (6) then Kimpembe (46th / 6), F.Mendy (6) – Ndombele (7), then Fekir (71st), N.Kanté (6) – Mbappé (not rated), then Thauvin (34th / 5), Griezmann (6), then Mr. Sissoko (93rd), Matuidi (6), followed by Nea Zonzi (63rd) – Giroud (5) then Plea (80th)

You did not participate : Areola (g), S.Mandanda (g), Digne, D.Sidibé, Varane, O.Dembele
selector : D.Deschamps

Campana (6) – M.Suarez (5), Mendez (6), M.Caceres (4), Laxalt (5) – Bentanur (5), Torreira (4), then J.Rodriguez (74th), F.Valverde (4), then De Arrascaeta (60th), Vecino (4) – Cavani (maximum) (5), L.Suarez (3)

You did not participate : M. Silva (g), E. Velazquez, Lemos, Cabaco, Pereiro, Lodeiro, C. Sanchez, M. Gomez
selector : O. Tabarez

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