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El Hadji Kasse on a mission ordered?

In the absence of a prime minister who could go ahead or serve as a security, he gets a fire against the President of the Republic of Senegal, Maki Sal from this scandal without leaving big wings. Strategies of all kinds are therefore carved out of its narrow environment to get him out of the way. These strategies can sometimes be co-ordinated, as they can sometimes arise from lonely departures. The exits of Farba Ngom, Moustapha Diakhaté, El Hadji Kassé and other peaks of power should be housed at this point.

The exit of the minister responsible for the Presidency's communication is far from being a mistake or a willingness to sow a dispute in the power camp. El Hadji Kasse acted knowingly. He is one of the closest associates of the head of state, one of the few members of the presidential office, regularly in his luggage or in his car while traveling to Senegal. It has privileges that neither the former prime minister nor some ministers of sovereignty have. In addition, if he was in the back of his boss, he would not be with him in Abidjan at present an official visit.

In the palace and in the Macky Sall family, people are of the opinion that everything must be done to avoid Karim Wade syndrome, and so the master of the house must, need to remove Aliou Sall from the head of Caisse de Dépôt and (CDC) to give at least one strong signal. The head of state is not against and is "back to the wall". However, it faces a modus operandi problem. How to get there, how to leave your brother and not being betrayed? This is the equation.

DG Sun and journalist Yakham Mbaye, who spoke about a conspiracy at the top of his friend and former colleague of the COM7 team, was not entirely wrong. On the other hand, the relevant sources of the palace and the Alliance for Democracy (APR) point to the first lady. They are numerous to assure that she and the president's brother have never been the perfect love and that they are complicated from day to day. The episode of the Guédiawaye Town Hall was still today. Indeed, during the local year 2015, Marième Faye Sall funded Lat Diop's candidacy at Guédiawaye and did not buy the means to block the way to the native of Foundiougne. Other efforts have been put into action, but that has never been the case. Apart from the fact that this time, this hostile camp to Ali Soul seems to have a good end.

As El Hadji Hamidou Kassé said, Macky Sall returned to the wall when Aliou Sall, the head of the CDC, was appointed, and all the conditions for his removal would be created. On the other hand, everything will depend on the level of pressure. And the success of the meeting inaugurated by the AAR LI NU BOOK Citizens' Coalition this Friday, June 21, could be decisive.

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