Monday , July 26 2021

construction of a computer and a smartphone Made in Ivory Coast

Two devices, including the first computer and the first desktop smartphone built in Cλεte d’Ivoire, were officially unveiled and handed over to Roger Adom, Minister of Digital Economy, Telecommunications and Innovation.

These two CERCO devices in collaboration with Vitib, whose manufacturing process has been certified by Microsoft and Intel, unlike other smartphones, have more than affordable costs.

You also offer services to citizens in local languages, namely Baoulé and Dioula. Using features, you can also control the phone through face recognition. There is even a smart agent created there, the first in the world, according to Dr. Alain Chapi Chichi, CEO of the Vitib Group.

Innovation: computer and smartphone construction Made in Ivory Coast

According to Roger Adom, this is a huge step forward in technological innovation in Cλεte d’Ivoire. The minister also said that he was proud of achieving what he had dreamed of.

It should be noted that, in order to further modernize the field of technological innovation in C Εte d’Ivoire, the Cλεte d’Ivoire state has funded and implemented six technological projects, including an assembly unit and an assembly unit.

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